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Barnstable High School Teacher On Leave And Under Investigation For Preventing Student From Hitting Another Student And Accidentally Throwing Him Into Filing Cabinet


The Barnstable Superintendent sent out an email today informing parents that a teacher at Barnstable High School was placed on leave and is under investigation for “inappropriately physically intervening between two students.”

Here’s the video.

And this is why they told us at new teacher orientation never to break up fights between kids. I did anyway if I saw a kid getting pounded on because morally I can’t watch a kid get beaten and not do something to stop it, but you have nothing to gain and everything to lose by doing so.

You can’t quite see what transpires before this, but the kid in the black shirt is trying to attack the kid in the white and black by chasing after him in the classroom.

The other kid is holding an object, so the teacher intervened by grabbing the kid in the black shirt from behind and it looks like his momentum and direction caused the kid to turn and swing his head directly into the filing cabinet.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Sorry kid, this is a classroom, not gym class. The teacher absolutely did the right thing and the only people under investigation should be the 2 kids who acted dangerously in class and didn’t feel like following the rules.

How did the teacher “exhibit actions contrary to the values and expectations of the Barnstable Public Schools?”

Do the BPS value fights between students? Because this teacher prevented one. Did the students exhibit actions contrary to the values and expectations of the Barnstable Public Schools, or just the teacher? Do they “expect” teachers to let kids run around fighting each other in class? If a resource officer had done the same thing would it be OK then?

The teachers intent was clearly to break it up, but he’s not trained in how to do that. He also looks older and didn’t sign up for this. Why are they punishing a teacher who was trying to keep his classroom safe because he accidentally threw the kid into a filing cabinet? Maybe the kid should behave and this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

If this was Shepherd Hill this would’ve had a much different spin on it. Back in 2008 when I was teaching there (I wrote about this in my book, which you can purchase below) a first year teacher came to school plastered because he had no more sick days left. The kids knew he was drunk and he thought it would be a good idea to challenge one of his freshmen students to a fist fight. They physically started punching each other, with the teacher landing much better shots because the kid was 14. When Fox 25 News got wind of it the school spinned it off as a “creative lesson” recreation of Animal Farm that went too far. The headline that night on the news was “should schools be teaching Animal Farm?” I shit you not, that really happened.

I guess in Barnstable they don’t do cover ups, but they will throw their teachers under the bus for protecting students from violence.


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