Barnstable Man Pulls Knife On Baby Momma While Being Kicked Out Of House, His Mother Blames Victim 


Jonathan “Tyler” Dennan is a Barnstable resident who is busy dominating life.

Just kidding. He’s a homeless meth head who lost all his kids to DCF and seems to have no intention of regaining custody because he prefers meth and hate crimes over being a father. He was charged with one in 2017.

A man has been charged with a hate crime after he reportedly called a pedestrian a racial epithet and struck him in the eye with a glass bottle. Jonathan Tyler Dennen, 25, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and remained in the Lake County Jail on Wednesday in lieu of $10,000 bail. According to an arrest affidavit released Wednesday, a black male told Leesburg police he was walking to a convenience store when his neighbor, Dennen, told him “you don’t need to be walking around here.” The man said Dennen then called him a name and when he called the suspect a name back, Dennen threw a bottle in his face. Police said shards of glass were found on the scene and a witness backed up the victim’s account. The affidavit added Dennen was arrested and placed in the squad car where he began to ram his head against the partition. Dennen was taken to a hospital to treat a laceration to his head and then transported to jail.

He was arrested again in May by the Barnstable Police for assaulting his wife, who has been in and out of battered women’s shelters because she’s not strong enough to leave him, and he has threatened to kill her and force her to smoke meth while pregnant.

Besides that he’s a great guy.

His mother Charlene lives in South Carolina.

They’re extremely “religious,” and by that I mean, they constantly use God as a crutch to justify his deplorable behavior. Here’s a video of Josh being kicked out of her house after he put a knife to her throat. Watch as he attempts to be a nice guy until he flips out at the 1:07 mark.

Meet every abusive boyfriend ever. The “nice guy,” who’s only really being nice because he thinks it will prevent her from throwing him out of the house. The moment he realizes it won’t he shows his true colors.

“Where’s my f***ing knife??

“Yes, I am CRAZY!!!”

Notice that everything was her fault.

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“I wanna die. Because of you, I wanna die. The things you have said to me, the things you have done to me. I don’t care about anything anymore. I JUST WANT TO DIE!! I love you more than anything. To know someone hates you. To know someone doesn’t give a f*** about you. That is the worst thing in the world. You have done that to me. All you care about it yourself.

It’s all about him. If she doesn’t do what he wants her to do then he’ll kill himself and it will all be her fault. She probably doesn’t have the strength to say it but I will – you won’t do it. Come on you quitter! Were you just talking a big game or do you have the balls to go through with it?

It’s really only a matter of when, not if he’ll kill her or someone else. Nothing is ever his fault. He’s a great guy, he just pulls knives on women when they make him angry. If only they’d just stop making him angry then he would be a good guy all the time.

Luckily for her Josh was there to do what she couldn’t do. Notice Tyler’s last ditch effort to stay.

“But you’re a Christian.”


Newsflash – Jesus hates you.

And he REALLY hates that male tittoo.

The woman posted that video on his Facebook page because she had his password, then posted it to her own. This apparently upset Charlene who blamed everything on the mother of her grandchildren and made her animalistic son out to be the victim.

These people are so transparent in their faith. There’s really nothing to it. I come from a somewhat religious background, and if I ever behaved like this around my wife my entire family would take her in and cast me off. That’s what Christianity is about – tough love. They’ll always love you, but part of that means letting them taste failure. Letting the prodigal son out on his own until he hit rock bottom. Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus blame victims of domestic violence for gaslighting their abusers into pulling a knife on them.

Anyway, according to Charlene the Lord told him to fly back to South Carolina, where God willing he will rot, overdose, and find out that there is no salvation for junkie domestic abusers in the afterlife.


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