Barstool Sports Editor Keith Markovich Won’t Promote Barstool Employee Kirk Minihane’s Interview With Donald Trump Jr Because “I Hate That Guy” And He’s Scared


Kirk Minihane had Donald Trump Jr. on his podcast last week to talk about the president’s son’s new book “Triggered,” but Barstool Sports, the company Minihane works for, will not post the interview on their website. This is interesting because DTJ has been doing a media tour and has appeared on and been promoted by several left wing platforms and shows, including The View.

The Trump brand is inflammatory in and of itself, but the fact of the matter is that they get ratings. I listened to the whole 15 minute interview, and it was pretty good. Personally, I think DTJ needs to work on his volume control and letting other people talk, but his writing and commentary on tech censorship has been better than anyone I’ve seen. Either way, this is what adults are supposed to do – engage with people who might not agree with them.

But apparently Huffstool is scared of what people will say if they post the interview on their website, even though he was interviewed on a Huffstool podcast (KMS show). Editor Keith Markovich, announced on Twitter why he was making this decision.

Answer – because he’s gutless and cowardly, and like many of his coworkers at Huffstool he desperately seeks approval from the woke PC patrol that actively tries to misrepresent the brand as sexist, racist, etc. He told Minihane’s producer Steve Robinson that his reasoning was “I hate that guy,” and Barstool doesn’t get political.

This is just madness. If Kim Jong Un or Charles Manson wants to come on your podcast, you have them on and promote it. Yet they treat conservatives like Trump as even more toxic than those guys. This is a man with five million Twitter followers who happens to be the son of the President of the United States. It would be a ratings bonanza, but they’re not posting it because the editor has decided he doesn’t like the guy.

He also claims that they’re not promoting it because they don’t get political. Which is weird because they’ve had both Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard on, who I’m pretty sure are running for President.

In other words, they don’t get political, unless it’s to promote a left wing politician.

This is what someone does who does when they want Deadspin, the Daily Beast, NBC, and other left wing media outlets to stop criticizing them. They haven’t learned yet that no matter what they do it will never be woke enough. The enemy is relentless and they want war. Barstool built its brand fighting back against people like that, but now they hide from them.

But why wouldn’t he like DTJ? When will they realize that everyone who has tried to silence their speech comes from the other team? Why are they allowing their fear of being labeled as a pro-Trump blog dictate their content, if they’re going to be labeled as that anyway?

You’d think that DTJ’s support for Barstool back in August would’ve convinced him of that. If you recall, Huffstool founder Dave Portnoy tweeted out a joke about his employees unionizing, and some blue checkmark responded by offering legal services to his employees.

Portnoy runs a comedy site so he responded back with an obvious joke.

But because AOC is intellectually bankrupt she took it seriously and threatened to have the federal government use its powers to go after Huffstool.

Portnoy challenged her to a debate.

And Donald Trump Jr. had his back.

In doing so he promoted their brand to his millions of followers. He’s on their side. And now this one, talentless stooge isn’t allowing his interview that DTJ did on a Barstool podcast to be be promoted on Barstool’s website. What a tool.

It’s interesting because KMarko previously allowed former employee Francis Ellis to publish a blog that was pulled because it suggested that a murdered Utah student was still alive, and bragged about how the dead girl followed Barstool podcasts on IG. Yet he kept his job and the blogger was fired. What do you think is worse for the Huffstool brand – an insensitive blog about a murder victim, or an interview with the President’s son? Because he let one of those go through and not the other.

Finally KMarko capped off his week in self-emasculation by refusing to go on the podcast for a company he works for, and then called them snowflakes not realizing the irony and hypocrisy spewing out of his veins.

But at least DTJ wasn’t afraid to put it out there.

Maybe the Daily Beast won’t see it and right mean things about Huffstool now. Maybe.


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