Barstool Sports Pushes Chinese Propaganda, Criticizes US Senator For Asking NBA To Support Democracy In Hong Kong


I’ve documented how Barstool Sports has transitioned from being an edgy free speech haven into just another PC rag over the last few years. But I’ve never really viewed them as Chinese propaganda until this weekend.

It all began with Missouri Senator and future President Josh Hawley, the youngest member of the Senate who has been an outspoken critic of tech companies and the oppression of Hong Kong protesters for democracy at the hands of the communist Chinese government. In October Hawley, like many others, was alarmed that the NBA completely sold out and bent the knee to the Red Chinese after Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted out “Free Hong Kong” and was forced to take it down.

LeBron James, armed only with a high school degree and the unfortunate belief that he understands how communist dictatorships work, said that Morey “wasn’t educated on the situation at hand” when he supported democracy in Hong Kong.

The NBA has to pretend that they’re unaware that the government suppresses freedom, puts Muslims in concentration camps in China, and discriminates against black people, because they need Chinese people to buy their Chinese made products so that LeBron can profit off of communist oppression.

The NBA is going to be writing “black lives matter” on the courts and will allow players to write social justice messages from a pre-approved list on their uniforms once the season starts again. Commissioner Adam Silver said last week that communist dictatorship and suppression of basic human rights was just a “different view of how things should be done,” and said he respected the way their culture does things.

This upset Senator Hawley because he’s smart, he follows current events, and he sees that an American business is openly shitting on cops and capitalism by supporting the Marxist organization BLM. He wanted to know if Adam Silver was allowing players to write stuff like “Free Hong Kong” or “back the blue,” or if they’d be suppressing that speech so as to not upset LeBron and his Chinese masters. So he wrote Silver a letter that he CCd to the major sports writers.

Literally two minutes later MSESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the most respected NBA writer in the country, wrote back just two words.

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He did this because he’s a coward, and his company (ESPN) is in bed with the NBA who is in bed with China, and he doesn’t want a US Senator calling them out on their bullshit.

Now imagine if Elizabeth Warren emailed Adam Silver about what the NBA was doing to recognize trans awareness, and Woj wrote back “fuck you.” He’d be fired immediately of course.

Woj ended up apologizing and was suspended, but Hawley to his credit said that he didn’t want Woj to be silenced.

Because Hawley doesn’t believe in cancel culture. He just wants the NBA to own the fact that they are hypocrites and clowns acting as an agent for the Chinese Communist Party.

But LeBron, who supports suppression in Hong Long, tweeted out his support for Woj because he thinks Woj is being suppressed.

That and the fact that Woj would never jeopardize his relationship with players or the league by criticizing them.

Huffstool Sports blogger Kate Mannion saw this all went down, decided that the NBA and ESPN weren’t the only organizations that could act as Chinese propaganda agents, and wrote this hot take.

So because Missouri doesn’t have an NBA team he’s not allowed to comment on an American company suppressing its employees for supporting democracy and calling out real oppression. I guess she’s waiting for Diane Feinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand, or Pocahontas to take the lead on that one.

The Barstool Sports Twitter account distributed this blog, despite refusing to promote Kirk Minihane’s show when they had on Tucker Carlson or Don Trump Jr.

Let’s check out this geniuses take on why she supports the Red Chinese.

Yea Kate, he’s “crying” about suppression of free speech in Hong Kong. Those silly Asian people with their desire for freedom. That’s only for white women like her. What Hawley should care about is “equality,” because even though black and white people are completely equal under the eyes of the law in this country, they still should pretend that they aren’t so that people like Kate can have something to virtue signal about.

She went on.

If you think “equality” is a “real issue” black people face in this country that you are a dumb person. But this is what Huffstool Sports has become for some time now – a pandering SJW factory that has caved to pressure from Deadspin and the mainstream media, while Dave Portnoy pretends like they’re still some sort of edgy media entity.

This was hilarious:

I’d say what’s more American are people willing to stand up for what is right regardless of the consequences they face for it & the fans they may lose.

Daryl Morey “tried to stand up for what is right” and he got censored by the same league that is letting players now openly support an organization that wants to abolish prisons and the nuclear family. Daryl Morey stood up for people who are actually oppressed, while LeBron and company are standing up for people who have complete freedom to criticize their government.

She whined that Hawley wanted players to “shut up and dribble,” even though LeBron was the one who was shutting up and dribbling when his Chinese masters told him to.

She wasn’t done though. She also suggested that Missouri is more suppressive than the Red Chinese because they send people to jail when those people commit crimes.

Imagine thinking that Missouri was more oppressive than the Chinese government? If you are that dumb then give Dave Portnoy a call because Huffstool is hiring.

Hawley apparently isn’t allowed to care about democracy in Hong Kong because Missouri has COVID.

Missouri has a similar population size to Massachusetts, but has 14% of the deaths per 100K people that Massachusetts has. They have 7% of the COVID deaths per 100K people that New York has.

But yea, good point Kate. Girl power, or something.

Read the comments on that blog and you’ll see how much people hate this stuff. Huffstool is completely destroying their brand, which is great for TB because we’re the only game left in town now who’s content isn’t controlled by Red China or black lives matter.

Kate’s just another hack who Portnoy hired in an attempt to get Deadspin to stop being mean to him and try to please SJWs. But she fully defended the company when they were accused of being sexist, despite the fact that published stuff like this.

“Even though I never condone rape, if you’re a size 6 and you’re wearing skinny jeans you kind of deserve to be raped right? I mean skinny jeans don’t look good on size 0 and 2 chicks, nevermind size 6′s,” Portnoy wrote in 2010.

Just like LeBron, she knows who her masters are.



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