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Bedford Woman Murdered By Father Of Her Child At Maine Beach Frequently Posted About BLM, Suggested That “All Lives Matter” Was Racist


Last Friday a Bedford woman named Rhonda Pattelena was murdered by Jeffrey Buchanan, the father of one of her three children, in broad daylight at a beach in Maine. Story:

State police have arrested a Massachusetts man and charged him with the murder of a woman whose body was found Friday afternoon on Short Sands Beach in York. York police received multiple 911 calls around 3:54 p.m. Friday reporting a man was assaulting a woman behind a large rock on the beach, the York Police Department said in a release. Police said they arrived to find the body of 35-year-old Rhonda Pattelena of Bedford. They also allegedly found Jeffrey Buchannan, 33, also of Bedford, Massachusetts, at the scene. Police said Buchannan was Pattelena’s domestic partner and the father of her child. Buchannan was detained at the scene and taken to the police department.

This is a sad and sensitive topic for obvious reasons. Three children are left without a mother due to domestic violence, and Jeffrey Buchanan is an animal who deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars. A quick glimpse at his Facebook page reveals that he is a narcissist.

He’s also got plenty of Google trophies.

He was arrested in Lowell in 2007 for a hate crime, in which he and two other friends badly beat a gay man for walking in “their” neighborhood.

According to the Boston Globe, “The alleged assailants saw the man in a residential neighborhood at about 3 a.m. on Friday, and used anti gay slurs before beating him, authorities said. ‘We don’t want you in our neighborhood,’ one of the accused allegedly called out to the man. The three men, Jonathan Artis , Jeffrey Buchanan, and Jules Rugges , all age 19, face three charges: violation of constitutional rights with bodily injury, assault and battery, and mayhem. The victim, whose identity was withheld by authorities, went to police after the beating to describe his assailants. A short time later, police arrested three men fitting the description.”

The Lowell Sun offers another report, from the court hearing: “Police allege that at 3 a.m. on Saturday, James Nickola, 22, walked into the Lowell police station with his face covered in blood. He told officers that three men had begun to taunt him as he walked along Bridge Street in Lowell. They caught up with him on West Fourth Street where he was jumped and beaten while being called a ‘faggot.’ Two of the alleged attackers beat Nickola, while prosecutors say the third man urged them on.”

Yet he remained free. This is a testament to our system, which gives violent, dangerous, repeat offenders like Jeffrey Buchanan the benefit of the doubt time and time again. But we are constantly told by BLM and other social justice advocates that we incarcerate too many people, and that everyone in jail is there because they are a victim of circumstances, primarily racism and socioeconomics.

Rhonda Pattelena has only one picture of her murderer on her Facebook page.

According to commenters he was obsessed with her, and this likely was not the first instance of domestic violence.

Rhonda was a victim in every sense of the word, and Jeffrey was aggressor who was far from that.

Well over 1,000 women are murdered every year in this country during acts of domestic violence. That’s an average of three per day. It’s an epidemic that doesn’t get talked about much, so people like Jeffrey are able to remain free.

Yet this summer we were lied to by the media and BLM and told that the biggest problem facing this country was racism and white supremacy, in particular white cops killing unarmed black men. The focus became the unjust way that people like Jeffrey Buchanan were treated, and if you brought up the way that women like Rhonda were treated you were accused of being racist for suggesting that all lives matter.

Sadly Rhonda bought into these lies too, even though she herself was the real victim. She posted frequently on Facebook about white privilege and how black lives are not valued in this country. Keep in mind, a total of 10 unarmed black people were killed by police in 2019, which is less than 1% of the amount of women killed due to domestic violence. I bring these Facebook posts of hers up not as any sort of shot at her for supporting BLM, but to illustrate how warped our country is when the victims consider themselves the oppressors, and the oppressors like Jeffrey Buchanan are considered victims because of the color of their skin.

Rhonda Pattelena was a much bigger victim than George Floyd. She never committed a crime, was raising three kids, and no one intervened when they witnessed domestic violence. George Floyd was a perpetrator of domestic violence who died from a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest. Whether or not you believe Derek Chauvin is a murderer is not the point. The point is that like millions of other people, Rhonda took the streets for George Floyd, but no one will take to the streets for her. When are the protests against domestic violence happening? When will NBA players “say her name?” When will Coco Cola hold mandatory trainings for men about their “unconscious bias” towards women? How many stores will be looted in her honor? When will the State Legislature drop what they are doing and enact new legislation that protects victims of domestic violence by instituting harsher punishments for abusers?

The answer is that they won’t, and there will be no protests. Yet we did all of these things for George Floyd. The fact of the matter is that if we were to commemorate every woman killed at the hands of an angry man in their life then we wouldn’t be able to remember all their names. We remember George Floyd specifically because the way he died (unarmed black man at the hands of a white cop) is so rare.

Yet Rhonda convinced herself that she was not a victim because she is white. In several of her posts she even justified rioting as a way to protest the killing of George Floyd. She posted about white privilege frequently, but the reality is that she had no privilege. She was a single Mom with a deadbeat father who thought it was OK to assault her when he got angry.

These two posts hit me the hardest.

People like Rhonda were told that suggesting that “all lives matter,” including hers, was a racist thing to say. We could only acknowledge that the lives of people like Jeffrey Buchanan mattered because of their skin pigmentation. We were told that people like Jeffrey Buchanan were incarcerated unfairly as they remained free despite extensive criminal records. If she had stood up in June and said, “I’m a victim of domestic abuse, my life matters too,” she would’ve been told by woke progressives that it wasn’t her turn to talk, and that it was just her “white fragility” speaking.

Whenever you say “all lives matter,” the standard response from BLM is, “Yes, but we already acknowledge that white lives matter, so we need to speak on behalf of black lives.”

Except we don’t acknowledge that all lives matter, because clearly Rhonda Pattelena’s life did not matter to Jeffrey Buchanan.

This is the other post that got to me.

She said that she would intervene if she saw a black man being choked by the cops. Yet multiple people saw her being assaulted by Jeffrey Buchanan at a public beach and did nothing to intervene or help her. They just let her die, because her life didn’t matter.

Except her life did matter, way more than Jeffrey Buchanan’s. And it’s really sad that she didn’t know that, or was too afraid to say that because of the censorious climate created by BLM. It mattered to her kids more than Jeffrey Buchanan’s did, as she was actually there for them. And it says a lot about our values as a nation when so many women end up like this, but yet our schools don’t send home emails that their lives matter too and the cycle of violence continues. It’s disgusting, and if you’re more outraged about George Floyd than you are about Rhonda Pattelena then you are contributing to the epidemic of domestic violence in this country.


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