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Beloved Vaccinated Warwick Principal Smeared For Letting Kids Take Off Masks At Dance, Superintendent Suspends Him Leading To Heart Attack And Death, Media Blames COVID


Two weeks ago Pilgrim High School (Warwick) Principal Gerry Habershaw was smeared by the media after an outbreak of COVID forced the school into remote learning. Without any evidence Habershaw was blamed for the outbreak for allowing students to not wear masks while eating and drinking inside the school, even though the dancing took part in a tent outside. It started with this video from something called the Warwick Beacon.

This interaction between a grown man and a girl at the 1:30 mark is so creepy.

Grown man: “Did you get your vaccines?”


Grown man: “So you’re safe.”

Since when did it become socially acceptable for adults in the media to go around filming other people’s children in school and ask them personal questions about their healthcare choices? Would you like to know if she’s on the birth control pill too? Or maybe you could ask her if she has a venereal diseases. Because it’s apparently his business to find out if she’s being safe.

Newsflash – she’s a teenager, so she’s safe with or without the vaccine because COVID is not a threat to children her age. It’s incredibly gross, irresponsible, and weird that an adult would feel comfortable doing that on film.

But there was allegedly an outbreak at this dance full of vaccinated children and adults, so apparently the vaccine isn’t keeping them safe after all. And Gerry Habershaw was blamed and suspended because of it. Here’s WPRI’s hit job:

It’s a story that’s become familiar over the course of the pandemic. A group of people gathered for a party. Few wore masks, and social distancing was an afterthought – if that. A week later, infections started to mount.

“This is a serious situation that needs cooperation from the entire Pilgrim community,” Warwick Superintendent Lynn Dambruch wrote in an email to families and staff at Pilgrim High School on Sunday.

About a week after celebrating its first homecoming dance since the pandemic started, the Warwick high school is experiencing an outbreak that has forced the school back into remote learning through Friday – a situation educators have been trying hard to avoid.

“Roughly 25 cases among students and staff have been identified,” R.I. Department of Health spokesperson Joseph Wendelken confirmed Monday. “Those individuals could have had many exposures, but more than half reported attending the homecoming dance.”

There’s no evidence that children not wearing masks at this dance caused an outbreak. None. These kids were having a great time for once and took off their masks to eat and drink, and these evil, twisted adults blamed their principal for that. Rhode Island is one of the most vaccinated states in the country, yet cases are higher than they were when the pandemic first began 19 months ago.

But yea, the vaccine totally works guys. Just keep lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. They’re the good guys.

This is superintendent Lynn Dambruch:

Superintendent Karen couldn’t wait to insinuate that Habershaw was the cause of the outbreak.

On Tuesday Superintendent Lynn Dambruch sent a statement to the Pilgrim community that read, “we are aware that students, parents and staff have questions related to recent events at Pilgrim High School. As many of you are aware, video footage related to the recent Homecoming Dance was seen on both the local media and Instagram social media. This footage appears to show potential violations of RIDOH and RIDE guidance, as well as the Governor’s Executive Order(s) and School Committee policy and therefore it is currently being investigated.”

Dambruch last week said, “several COVID protocols were not followed at the Pilgrim Homecoming Dance.”

An example she pointed to is the fact that students and staff members were seen without masks on indoors. She also noted that RIDOH guidelines for that type of event calls for students to be seated at tables while eating and drinking and to be in assigned tables with their pods, as a way to help with contact tracing. She said that according to RIDOH guidelines for events with food they should’ve had a maximum for 300 students but said while they are still determining the exact number of people who attended, they know that there were more than 300. Another issue that she pointed to was the outdoor tent. She said that both sides of it were supposed to be open. Apart from the entrance, a Beacon reporter at the event found the sides closed.

Imagine thinking that children taking their paper masks off to eat and drink at unassigned tables that couldn’t be contact traced was the cause of a COVID outbreak? Imagine thinking that it was at all problematic that an outbreak occurred at all? All those kids now have natural immunity, which clearly works better than the vaccine because they’re all vaccinated and got it anyway.

Days after he was shamed, suspended, and investigated Habershaw died. He was fully vaccinated, which we were told is the best way to protect you from dying from COVID. After all, this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” according to the ruling class. And although it was initially reported that he died from issues stemming from a heart attack, the ghouls at the Providence Journal are now blaming this on COVID anyway:

At least 45 people who attended a Nov. 6 homecoming dance at Pilgrim High School have tested positive for COVID-19. And the event may have contributed to the death of school principal Gerald Habershaw, says his brother. Habershaw, 57, who had been fully vaccinated, died Saturday of complications from COVID, said his younger brother David Habershaw. 

“He started feeling ill a couple of days after the dance,” David Habershaw said, “but he was getting better” — though sleeping about 20 hours a day. 

Gerald Habershaw had not been hospitalized and was convalescing at home in North Kingstown, his brother said. He died Saturday after a rescue rushed him to a hospital after he began suffering chest pains, said David Habershaw.  Habershaw had been facing an uncertain future in the wake of a COVID outbreak at Pilgrim, which occurred shortly after the high school’s homecoming dance.

Videos of the event showed that Habershaw and numerous students had not been wearing masks during the event. Dancing occurred in a tent erected outside but students also congregated by the dozens inside the school where food was being offered, video showed.

Except nowhere did his brother say that he died of COVID complications. NBC reported the exact opposite:

The younger Habershaw died Saturday in part from a heart attack, family said. Habershaw also had also been diagnosed with COVID-19 this month, but doctors told the family it is impossible to say what the official cause was.

Oh look, the doctors said they don’t want what the official cause was. Don’t worry though, the doctors at the Providence Journal have figured it out though.

Imagine how evil you have to be to put out a headline like that. Nowhere did his brother say that he died of COVID complications. And even if he did, his brother is not a doctor. The media knows this anyway and put out that fake headline because they want you to live in fear and get the vaccine.

Enemy of the people.

I have about as much evidence that a lack of masks were the cause of this outbreak as I do that the COVID vaccine caused the heart complications that led to Habershaw’s death. I’d like to research this more, but unfortunately the tech companies get to decide what we are and aren’t allowed to read on the Internet. When I Google “COVID vaccine causes heart attack” these are the top searches:

It’s rare guys. Don’t worry about side effects. You can trust They get the highest ranking on Google for spreading the right news.

Now try the same search on Duck Duck Go:

Why would Google bury scientific studies and this story from NBC in which doctors suggest that the vaccine is likely the cause of heart problems with men? Why don’t they want you to see that? Oh well, just shut up and get your booster, then come back after 3,000 miles and get the next one.

Gerry Habershaw was a legendary Rhode Island athlete, a life long educator, and a beloved role model for hundreds of thousands of children and adults. Over 5,000 people signed the petition to reinstate him as principal. Imagine the stress this it caused this man, who previously had nothing but good publicity, to be publicly blamed for a COVID outbreak? Do you think it’s a coincidence that he suddenly had a heart attack? Habershaw impacted the lives of so many in a positive way, and in the last few days of his life he was smeared by the superintendent and the media as an irresponsible super spreader. He deserved better than this.


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