Bernie Made Kamala Harris Say That She’d Let The Boston Marathon Bomber Vote From Jail Too


I just published this blog about Bernie Sanders saying that he would let the Boston Marathon terrorist vote from jail, and here’s an exact quote from that blog:

Bernie always takes it two steps further, by advocating for things like enfranchisement for Jafar the terrorist, and the rest of them quickly follow behind. Make no doubt about it – other democrats will be asked this question now and they will be pressured to say yes now.

Then right on cue Kamala Harris came up on the same town hall and this happened:

Don Lemon: “People who are convicted, in prison like the Boston Marathon bomber, on death row, people who are convicted of sexual assault, they should be able to vote?”

Kamala Harris: “I think we should have that conversation.”

It took exactly 30 minutes for this predictable party filled with lemmings to do exactly what I told you they would do. Like I said, Bernie is running the show now. The rest of them realize he’s a lunatic, but they feel like they have to go along with it because they’re spineless and know that his army of lunatics will come after them if they don’t get in line.

Again, Don Lemon gave her the shot to make it clear that she does NOT want Jafar the terrorist to vote. He knows that she’s a contender to get the nomination and a crazy soundbite like that would be used by Trump to convince voters that the democrats are insane. Instead she did exactly what he was coaching her not to do – advocate for Jafar the terrorist and his merry band of rapists in prison. His reaction was priceless:

When you make Don Lemon look like the normal one you know you’ve gone off the deep end. The primaries haven’t even begun yet. Wait till you see all the crazy stuff Bernie gets them to say in a couple months. Gonna be wild!


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