Bill de Blasio Says NYC Has a Jewish Problem That Requires A Final Solution


We have no reached the phase of the coronavirus hysteria where the government starts targeting and rounding up groups of Jews.

According to the Mayor of America’s largest city, New York has a “Jewish problem,” which requires a “Final solution.” Citizens are urged to call the police if they see Jews together in public, and the special police will show up immediately to take them away. Remember though, it’s for the collective safety of all of us, therefore it’s OK.

Now close your eyes and imagine this happened.

We all know exactly what would happen.

Or imagine De Blasio wrote “black community” instead of Jewish community. How would that go over? Black people are dying from the virus at a disproportionate rate, so I guess that means they’re not following the social distancing rules, right? What other conclusion can one reach?

We’re also going to start arresting people and sending them to prisons while simultaneously emptying prisons because they’re breeding grounds for the virus to spread.

Yes, this all makes total sense.

Same guy five days earlier.

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Urging the city’s Muslim citizens to congregate in 32 designated areas to receive food that was handled and shipped by thousands of people in the name of political correctness.

Makes sense.

And reactions like this are perfectly normal too.

“THEIR actions hurt all of us.”

Emphasis on THEIR. As in, the Jews. The Jews are the problem. It’s almost as if it’s becoming socially acceptable to lump Jews together as one giant group and point the finger at them for being the cause of our problems. What could possibly go wrong?

The De Blasio tweet was in reaction to this funeral for a Rabbi in Brooklyn.

I can’t imagine why Jews would be distrustful of a tyrannical, hypocritical government that won’t let them grieve their dead because of a virus. Maybe it’s because they can see that their ding dong Mayor doesn’t follow his own rules. After all, he forced nurses to come together for an unmasked photo op with his wife, who was just appointed to head a task force on racial gaps in the coronavirus.

He sanctioned a Blue Angels flyover in which people did NOT socially distance.

Despite urging people to avoid unnecessary travel he still got in his taxpayer funded car and went all the way to Brooklyn with his wife for a walk.

Meanwhile the subways are still the subways.

Oh, and last month after Trump banned travel from China he tried to score woke points by encouraging people to do what he’s now threatening to arrest them for.

“bUt tHeY dIdNt kNoW iT wAs sErIoUs tHeN.”

Yes they did. But being politically correct was more important than “saving lives.”

Team Lockdown doesn’t realize that they’re inadvertently getting people killed in the name of saving lives. Some of them mean well, but they haven’t thought it through. They’re telling people to sit in cramped apartments and only send one person out to get supplies at places like Walmart. That one person gets the bug, brings it back home, and then an entire family gets it because the virus thrives in indoor environments. You couldn’t write up a better plan to spread the commie cold if you tried.

Jails, like nursing homes, are a breeding ground for the virus because they are indoors and enclosed. You just don’t see mass casualties there because the median age of a COVID fatality in Massachusetts is 81. The Massachusetts Department of Corrections recently tested 200 corrections officers and 75 of them had coronavirus without knowing it. In other words, this disease is the most overrated thing ever for healthy, non-elderly people. Our bodies develop anti-bodies and the problem solves itself.

If this were a real pandemic nothing would be open. They wouldn’t let us go to Walmart or Home Depot, pick up the bug, and come back home. The National Guard would be delivering rations to our homes. But it’s not a real pandemic. It’s a virus that spreads easily, doesn’t even hospitalize the vast majority of people who get it, is a threat to a certain elderly demographic, and can be contained by putting our focus on protecting those people instead of healthy people.

There is no plan to end this because you can’t end it. As long as one person has the disease you can’t reopen society or else it will spread, right? Obviously we have to reopen at some point so it might as well be now. The solution is to stop being a nation of cowards. Americans don’t hide from diseases. The “if we can save one life,” and “nothing is worse than death” garbage is un-American. Imagine George Washington said that? We can’t fight the British because someone might die! We can’t go to Valley Forge because it’s flu season!! If you want to be a coward and sit in your home and hide from a virus then go right ahead. But you have no right to force the rest of us to play along with your irrational delusions.


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