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Billerica Assistant Superintendent Jill Geiser Is VP Of Nonprofit That Paid For Monica Cannon-Grant To Speak At Billerica High School


Yesterday the Principal of Billerica High School apologized for allowing criminal defendant Monica Cannon-Grant to speak in front of students for Black History Month, and vowed to vet speakers more closely in the future. While this doesn’t erase the unforgivable mistake he made in elevating this woman to impressionable children, he did mention that Monica was paid with a grant from from a nonprofit called Billerica Partners for Education.

After he wrote this letter the group must’ve realized that award winning investigative journalists like myself would be looking into who they were, so they quickly erased the names of board members from their website.

This is devious on their part and indicated to me that they were trying to hide something. But they’re registered with the Secretary of State’s Office so I found out the names of the members by looking there:

Jill Geiser is the Vice President of the group that paid for Monica to come to Billerica High School. Guess what she does for work?

“Doctor” Jill is the Assistant Superintendent for the Billerica Public Schools. The school district cannot say that they had nothing to do with this if the second highest ranking member of their district is the VP of the nonprofit that paid for Monica to come. The woman of whiteness beat out 57 other candidates for the position she holds, including several candidates of color. Yet she frequently uses her Twitter account to virtue signal about “equity,” and how she wants to force divisive DEI and “anti-racism” training on students and teachers in school.

She bemoaned the fact that there are not enough black superintendents.

Indeed, people of color are vastly underrepresented in high school administrations around the state. Considering she beat out several qualified candidates of color, perhaps Dr. Jill should put the “quit” in equity, and resign so that a person of color can get a chance to lead the Billerica school district. It’s easy to talk about equity when you’re willing to sacrifice nothing to achieve it.

She also thought that parents who complained about “learning loss” while people like her kept schools closed, are “fixated” on it.

Learning is overrated.

Dr. Jill is also an adjunct professor at Boston College, and prior to becoming Assistant Superintendent in Billerica she was a Principal in Somerville and Lawrence.

In other words, the person running a “partners for education” nonprofit, has spent most of her career avoiding actual classrooms because it pays more to sit in your office as an administrator.

This organization doesn’t take in that much money for a nonprofit – under $100K.

I wonder how much they paid Monica to brainwash the students into believing that her plight is somehow similar to Martin Luther King’s? I guess they couldn’t afford this much higher pay grade scammer.

At least Kendi isn’t going to jail though, and to my knowledge he has never threatened to murder a congressional candidate who he accused of riding a white penis for a credit score.

The teacher who partnered with this group, and likely applied for the grant, is French teacher Terri Bynoe.

Somehow she has time to run an educational consulting company called The Teacher Strategist.

Here’s her website, where she offers vague explanations of her paid coaching sessions. Terri Bynoe knew who Monica was, she knew about her past, she knew she was facing 18 federal indictments, and she invited her anyway because they have the same ideology.

For the record, the Billerica Public Schools don’t need a new policy for vetting speakers because they already had one.

“Care should be taken in selecting these speakers so that they are individuals who respect diversity in thinking and are not attempting to inappropriately influence points of view.”

Monica does not respect diversity of thinking, and she was there specifically to influence points of view. Kids left that speech believing that she is some sort of martyr for social justice. A hero who led marches for civil rights, only to be prosecuted by a racist federal justice department.

Monica’s entire 20 minute speech was designed to influence kids into believing that she was being falsely accused of committing the crimes she’s been charged with. She attempted to tell white students that they all have privilege, while ignoring the fact that her privilege as a black woman enabled her to profit in ways that a white woman wouldn’t be able to. She called the imaginary Trump supporting white people who she claims to have fed at the nonprofit she was voted out of, “ignorant.” She told kids to Google her, and if they did they would find links to countless videos of her threatening to kill police officers, shouting racial slurs, and vowing to get revenge on her perceived enemies.

To prove just how much she influenced the minds of children, Monica herself posted a letter from someone claiming that students have been reaching out to Monica to thank her for her activism, believing that she is a role model they can look up to.

In the letter this person lashes out at the principal for apologizing, while spreading baseless nonsense about me being the real predator to children.

As you can see, because the school allowed Monica to speak to the kids, they now believe that she is being wrongly prosecuted. They believe that the only people who object to Monica speaking are racist, because that’s what Monica told them. They believe that I am some sort of sexual predator, even though I’ve never been accused of anything of the sort, and the only reason I write about Monica is to expose her violent, racist rhetoric. She directly influenced children, and that is unforgivable for the district. A simple apology from the principal will not suffice. Jill Geiser, Superintendent Tim Piwowar, and Terri Bynoe owe the public answers. They made no attempt to alert parents that Monica would be speaking at the school, because they knew the backlash they would receive if they did. They snuck her in, paid for her to brainwash kids, and now are completely washing their hands of it. They need to answer for this immediately or resign in disgrace.


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