Billerica Man Arrested In Salisbury For Threatening Man He Side Swiped With Knife During Road Rage Incident While On Probation For Assaulting Cops 2 Weeks Before In Leg Cast


This is Patrick Moge, originally from the Billerica area, but now living in North Hampton, NH.

The fish selfie has quickly become the white trash version of the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat and Hennessy hoodbooger, so obviously this man is on Turtleboy for a reason.

Unfortunately Rubiks Pube here reproduced less than 2 year ago, which means a human being will have to look at that face and call it “Dad.”

Just kidding. Chances of him being around by the time she’s able to talk are slim to none.

But you’d hardly realize he’s a father based on his Facebook page because it’s filled with pictures of bikes, cars, and his new slam donkey “fiance” Jordyn with a Y Roderick. They got matching necktoos in a foreign language, and according to the laws of Hampton Beach this means they are legally engaged.


On March 30 Patrick bought himself a new motorcycle.

Two days later on April 1 he bought a speaker bar for the handlebars.

Then, literally hours later this happened.

Isn’t that cute? They got matching black eyes.

Despite being on crutches and having the face of an Italian wife who expressed too many opinions at the dinner table, Rubiks Pube was arrested for assaulting a Billerica Police Officer on April 24.

But we can’t keep people like this in jail because….black lives matter. And less than 2 weeks later he was arrested again after getting into a road rage incident in Salisbury when he side swiped an 18 year old while driving a pickup truck, then got out of the car and threatened the kid with a knife. Of course he had an open container in the car too, because the white trash experience wouldn’t be complete without a half empty Twisted Tea in a cup holder. The whole thing was caught on dash cam video and posted to Tik Tok.

A road rage incident this weekend in Salisbury, Massachusetts, led police to arrest a New Hampshire man. Jacob Gilleo, an 18-year-old Amesbury resident, says his car was hit by a pickup truck driven by 22-year-old Patrick Moge just before 6 p.m. Saturday.

“It was a pretty scary experience, I’m not going to lie,” Gilleo told NBC10 Boston.

The incident was caught on Gilleo’s dashboard camera, and he later posted that footage on TikTok.

“The light turned green, I moved forward, and he cuts across two lanes of traffic and right in front of me,” recalled Gilleo. “It’s pretty clear in the video, you can see that he just cuts me off.”

Gilleo said he caught up with Moge down the road to try to exchange insurance information following the crash. But that’s when he said things quickly escalated, and that Moge pulled out a knife.

“I saw that he was angry, so I carefully stepped about one foot out of my vehicle, rolled down the window a little bit, and then as soon as I saw him hop out of the car, still yelling, I got right back in my car and called 911,” said Gilleo.

Salisbury Police arrived within a minute and confronted Moge, he said. A police officer is heard in the video repeatedly instructing Moge to get out of his truck.

“Did I do anything illegal?” Moge is heard asking the officer.

Authorities said Moge resisted arrest and was charged with five other crimes, including possession of an open container of alcohol, assault with a dangerous weapon, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, speeding and disorderly conduct. Moge was seen limping and told officers he had a bad knee. Gilleo feels fortunate police intervened before things got any worse.

“It was pretty terrifying, and I’m glad he was only on one foot and didn’t have any other weapons on him,” Gilleo said. “But it was still a pretty terrifying experience to see that.”


if you don’t have a dash cam, get one #fyp #accident #crash #lawyer #lawyerreacts

♬ original sound – iroc-z kid

Yea, there’s no rehabilitating people like this. You just have to let Darwinism take its course, hope that no one innocent gets hurt in the process, and he’ll be dead long before his 30th birthday.

Rubiks Pube clearly cuts into the kid’s lane as soon as the light turns red.

Within seconds he’s accelerated to at least 60 mph and is a quarter mile in front of him.

He could’ve just driven away and gotten away with it, but in Rubiks Pube’s mind it was a good idea to pull over with an open container, knowing he had a cast on his leg, and then get out of truck and threaten the other driver with a knife while he did the cripple jig.

If you’re gonna do something like this, don’t do it in the center of town either, because the cops will be there within seconds and you’re gonna have a tough time assaulting them on one leg.

Maybe they’ll sign your cast though.

Rubiks Pube’s girlfriend was apparently in the truck too, and I think we can all agree that this incident wasn’t a deal killer for her. If anything, this is the face of a woman who would be mildly turned on by the sight of a hillbilly being taken to jail on one leg over a road rage incident that was 1,000% his fault.



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