Billerica School Committee Refuses Turtleboy’s In Person Demand To Condemn Monica Cannon-Grant’s Racism


On Tuesday night I attended my first Billerica School Committee meeting to address the committee about their complicity in paying Monica Cannon-Grant to speak at a mandatory assembly for students at Billerica High School. Thus far the principal is only person who has taken any sort of responsibility. No one else has admitted that it was a huge screwup to bring a woman in to speak to children who is facing 18 felony counts in federal court, and has a long and documented history of violent and racist behavior.

I also wanted to address the fact that Assistant Superintendent Jill Geiser and School Committee member Cheri Gargalianos are both board members of the nonprofit (Billerica Partners for Education) that paid Monica.

Geiser used the school district’s email account to solicit money from teachers for the nonprofit, which they said would go directly to students. Instead it went to Monica, which is fraud. The committee initially put out a statement saying they didn’t know anything about Monica’s past, which isn’t believable, and also said that the they had nothing to do with it. But the fact of the matter is that two of them did, and Gargalianos is on record defending Monica’s right to speak.

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It’s important for the board to make a statement condemning Monica because there are many young people in town who believe that the only people who oppose her are racist conservatives. In fact, many prominent liberals and leaders in the black community (like US Attorney Rachael Rollins) have condemned and distanced themselves from Monica. In her speech Monica presented herself as a civil rights leader, in the mold of Martin Luther King Jr, and suggested that just like MLK her activism has made her a target of the federal government. Kids believed that, and the silence of leaders in town further makes them think it’s true.

The feds have a 99% conviction rate and the evidence against her is overwhelming, so what will students think when Monica is found guilty? She will have become a martyr to them, just as she predicted in her speech. They will be lead to believe that she is a modern day MLK, who had to be silenced by the federal government because her voice was too powerful.

Condemning racism is a really easy thing to do when it’s a white cop in Minnesota kneeling on a black man’s neck. But when it happens in your own backyard, and you invited a bigot like that to influence children, it should be a priority to condemn it. And that’s what I was there to do – see who on the board would go on record denouncing Monica’s racism. Here’s my speech if you missed it.

You can also watch it on the official govenrment stream at the 1:30:30 mark.

Exactly 0 members of the committee were willing to go on record condemning the most infamous, virulently racist bigot in the state. All of these people probably have posted “Black lives matter” at some point, but none could condemn a woman who threatened to murder a black woman running for Congress. A woman who has been outspoken about her opposition to interracial relationships, and stole millions from the black community. In fairness, Mark the Chair said he condemned “all racism,” which in hindsight was just a gutless way to avoid condemning the specific brand of racism that his committee brought to town.

Before I spoke the woman with the mask made my point for me (1:24:00).

She introduced herself as Nina Remy, but her name is Nina McCorry. She didn’t state her address or real name, which was required. She is a speech pathologist in the Westwood Public Schools, and formerly in the Burlington Public Schools.

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A person who works on speech and still wears a mask 3 years into the pandemic. Nuff said.

Nina made my point for me with some of her comments. She said that Monica “inspired and encouraged many students.”

Exactly. Students left there believing that a violent bigot felon was a role model being wrongly charged as a result of her activism. Monica “inspired” students to use racial slurs and threats to achieve notoriety, since that’s how she explained she got the attention of Mayor Marty Walsh.

Nina said that she was there to defend students of color because they had received threats as a result of the justified backlash against Monica’s speaking appearance. But she just made that up because there were no threats, except the ones I received from students. Monica taught them well.

She said that we need Monica to lecture students about their white privilege because “these kinds of conversations are uncomfortable for students who are white, but students of color walk with discomfort for most of their day.”

Except that’s just made up too. And for a white woman to speak for all black people, as if they are perpetual victims in need of her white savior complex, speaks to her own racism. Monica’s “conversations” are uncomfortable because she constantly lies and uses inflammatory racist language.

The most telling part was when she said that “these conversations need to be required for all students, not just those whose parents are already having these conversations at home, because without this discomfort progress cannot happen.”

It’s not enough that people like Nina brainwash her children with this sort of divisive nonsense. She demands that YOUR children be brainwashed as well.

Finally, she said that she is worried for her own children of color’s safety because people spoke out against Monica’s racism. If she actually has children of color then it means they are adopted or biracial. Monica Cannon-Grant has spoken out repeatedly about her opposition to this sort of race mixing. She told a black man with a white girlfriend that he was getting that “pink uncooked vagina,” and accused a black woman with a white husband of “riding white penis for a credit score,” while reminding both of them that they are still “n***ers.”

People like Nina McCorry are exactly why the committee needs to loudly condemn Monica’s hate speech. Until they do that Monica still has legitimacy in the community.  Elected leaders are supposed to lead. If you can’t condemn a person like Monica Cannon-Grant then you have no business serving in elected office.