Bishop Talbert Swan Says Whiteness Is Demonic, Needs To Be Exterminated Weeks After Governor Baker Appointed Him To Hate Crime Task Force


In March Springfield NAACP President “Bishop” Talbert Swan was appointed by Charlie Baker to be part of the state Hate Crimes Task Force.

But Swan has a long and documented history of hate speech on Twitter, which is permissible because the ire of his hatred is directed at white people, who he refers to as “mayonnaise dripping saltines.”

His Twitter account was suspended “permanently” in 2018 for hateful conduct, but was restored by Twitter once they realized that he was black and thus incapable of being racist.

Yesterday Swan chimed in with his thoughts about the 18 year old man who targeted black people in a deadly shooting spree at a Buffalo supermarket.

“Whiteness is an unrelenting, demonic force of evil.”

If you are white then you were born as an evil person and it’s OK to dehumanize you as a “demon.” In a society that has accepted racism towards white people as socially acceptable this sort of hatred isn’t condemned, and the people who say these things ironically get put on anti-hate speech task forces by the most powerful people in the state.

While he considers white conservatives to be demonic forces of evil, black conservatives are “coons” and “buck dancing, boot licking, white supremacy apologists” to Talbert Swan.

To make matters worse the newly appointed member of the hate crime task force shared a blatantly false article from something called, alleging that another white supremacist barged into a black church on Sunday in Buffalo with a gun. He said that these “demons” (anyone who possesses whiteness) need to be exterminated.

“Exterminated” is genocidal language, and in this case he was specifically saying that “whiteness” was the demonic plague that needed to be exterminated.

You cannot eliminate “whiteness” without exterminating white people first. This is the man Charlie Baker appointed to lead a hate crime commission.

When you click on the article Swan shared it clearly says that no gunman entered the church, and in fact it was a grieving black person who yelled “put the gun down” in order to vocalize his hopes that gun violence would come to an end.

Talbert Swan and others on the left want you banned from social media for sharing “disinformation,” which is really just news and opinion they don’t like because it doesn’t fit their narrative. They believe it’s a “threat to democracy,” to share factually true stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop, and demand social media companies censor their political adversaries. They usually win because people on their team control every major social media platform, but more importantly anyone who doesn’t give in to Talbert Swan gets branded as a racist with his blue checkmark verified account with with 176K followers.

But the fact of the matter is that Talbert Swan is the real reason gunman like the one in Buffalo exist. When you constantly push identity politics and group people together as a race, then people like the gunman begin to view the world as “us against them.”  When you constantly push anti-white racism, and you ignore black supremacist killers like Darrell Brooks in Waukesha after they target and murder white people, you create white supremacists.

The Buffalo gunman had the names of white people killed in Waukesha written on his gun.

The last thing Talbert Swan wants is a color blind society free from racism. He wants black and white people to hate each other. He wants white people to occasionally murder a dozen black people so that he can tweet about the evils of “whiteness” and spread his toxic brand of racism more. He genuinely enjoyed seeing this news and wasn’t the least bit sorry about it. He has not grieved or shed a tear for any of the deceased because he doesn’t care about any of them. They’re just useful dead people he can exploit to push his narrative that white people are demons who need to be exterminated.

Talbert Swan talks a real big game on Twitter, but he blocked me after I published this story exposing him in 2020 because he doesn’t want people to see it. Please, whatever you do, DO NOT tweet this article at @TalbertSwan! He really does NOT want people to know what kind of person he is. He doesn’t want his liberal followers to know that he published a book on Amazon titled, “Closing the Closet: Testimonies of Deliverance From Homosexuality.”

He doesn’t want his followers to know that he runs a fraudulent nonprofit that was investigated after it received a $30K grant.

Another earmark in the 2016 budget: $30,000 to fund a health awareness and diabetes prevention program in Springfield, to be implemented by “COGIC Family Services, Inc.” The organization shares an address, and indeed the same phone number as the Spring of Hope Church of God in Christ (COGIC) in Springfield – raising the potential question of whether it crosses the fine line in the Massachusetts constitution prohibiting public funding of religious institutions.

Bishop Talbert Swan II is pastor of the church and also CEO of COGIC Family Services, Inc., as well as president of the Greater Springfield NAACP and the nephew of state Rep. Benjamin Swan, in whose district the church is located. Bishop Swan says the programs are separate, and that the earmarked organization – COGIC Family Services, Inc. – is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

But it isn’t registered as a charity with the state attorney general’s office, nor listed as a tax-exempt organization by the IRS. A separate organization with an almost identical name, “COGIC Family Services Corp.” – which also lists Swan as its CEO – had its nonprofit status revoked last year.


He doesn’t want his followers to know that he drives a Mercedes and his wife drives a BMW while collecting food stamps, which he’s able to do by using his “church” to hide his income from the government.

He doesn’t want his followers to know that he had a lien placed on his house because he’s a deadbeat Dad who owed $81K in child support, never paid it, and was only released from his obligation in 2009 by crying poverty.

He doesn’t want you to know this because it will make him look silly every time he posts something racist directed toward a white person he accuses of not paying child support.

He doesn’t want his followers to know that he went to jail for larceny for stiffing a mechanic out of tens of thousands of dollars.

He doesn’t want his followers to know that he had another lien placed on him for not paying taxes, because it would make him look like a hypocrite when he accused Donald Trump of being a tax evader.

He doesn’t want his followers to know about all the judgements against him and his wife in civil court for not paying his bills, or how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts seized his land because he owed the state $6,056.65.

And he definitely does NOT want his followers to know how he stiffed a contractor out of $47K after they repaired his church in 2011.

stiffing contractor for church work (1)



The only way America can rid itself of racism is by shaming and ostracizing racists like Talbert Swan. But the truth is the most powerful people in this country want racism to exist because the racism-industrial complex employs too many people and generates too much money. So they appoint people like Swan to hate crime tasks forces which accelerates racism and leads to black and white people being murdered by racists in Waukesha and Buffalo.


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