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Black Lives Matter Activist Didi Delgado Publishes Story Urging Food Workers To Spit In Boston Police Officer’s Food As Punishment For Letter To Teacher’s Union


This woman was responsible for taking down our Facebook page with 112,000 followers in late November 2017.


Didi Delgado is a perpetually unemployed plus sized black lives matter activist. A woman who makes white women pay her reparations once a week and comment with “done for Didi” as proof that they donated. She once refused to help one of her own supporters going through a tough time because she was white, despite collecting over $2,000 in one day in reparations. She once published an article on Medium.com in which she urged white people to murder their uncles, steal his money, and give it to black women.

Well, she’s back publishing on Medium.com and this time she’s urging food workers to spit in food that they make for Boston Police officers in light of their recent objection to the Boston Teacher’s Union supporting the black lives matter hate group.

As a long time resident of Roxbury and as a Black woman, I want the food service workers who feed Boston cops to know this letter is blatantly spitting in the ingredients of racial justice and the broader fight for Civil Rights. The BPPA is spewing and regurgitating dangerous rhetoric that will potentially contaminate the futures of Black youth in Boston. They’ve metaphorically taken a message of hope and equality, and dropped it on the floor and dragged it across the tiles with their filthy shoes. Then the BPPA repackaged their gross messaging as something savory and served it to us with a smile. So here’s some food for thought: If Boston police are drooling and sneezing all over our rights — hacking right in them when nobody’s looking — we have an obligation to give them their just desserts. And I know I can count on the food service workers of Boston to do just that.

Apparently Medium will publish anything without any sort of editorial oversight. She’s literally urging food workers to spit in cop’s food because the union urged the Boston Teacher’s Union not to teach kids that the police are evil. Perhaps Didi should cover her own food in spit, rather than the usual double portion of blue cheese. I continue to pray for her poor daughter, who she named after a country and uses as a prop to collect reparations from white women, in the hopes that one day Didi will finally go to jail for fraud and her daughter Bangladesh can get a real mom.

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