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Black Lives Matter Activists Get Free Detail From Worcester Police To Write Political Message On Public Street, Prevent Ambulances From Getting To Hospital 


The City of Worcester shut down a major throughway across the street from St. Vincent’s hospital yesterday so that activists without a permit could deface the public property with the political slogan, “black lives matter.”

BLM is a political group that uses a catchy slogan to mask the fact that they want to abolish the police, jails, capitalism, and nuclear family.

Ironically they received a free police detail and no permit was required, despite the fact that they made it much more difficult for ambulances coming from the north to access the hospital. This accomplished absolutely nothing except stroking the egos of a bunch of virtue signaling opportunists.

Not sure what “free South Africa” has to do with anything though.

But none of this has ever made any sense from the beginning, and our politicians are too gutless to stand up to this mob.

Congressman Jim McGovern and District Attorney Joe Early were both down there for the photo op.

Joe Early is the modern day face for white supremacy. He has his job because his father was a nine-term congressman. He’s completely unqualified, and refused to resign from his position for his role in orchestrating the biggest state police coverup in history. He did Judge Tim Bibaud’s daughter a favor that he has never extended to any black person who committed a crime in Worcester County, by forcing the state police to redact her arrest report, presumably because she is white and he is a white supremacist.

Jim McGovern being there is the least surprising news ever, since he panders to groups like BLM who hate police. This is why I urge you to vote for Tracy Lovvorn if you live in the 2nd congressional district. She’ll be speaking at the blue lives matter rally at Lincoln Square on Saturday, which I also urge you to attend. I had her and John Paul Moran (who is challenging Seth Moulton in the 6th district and also deserves your vote) on the live show two weeks ago, and at the 1:02:30 mark Tracy explains why it’s “imperative” for aspiring politicians to come on the TB Live show.

That right there is a breath of fresh air. There is nothing wrong with what we do, and many things that are positive about Turtleboy. A lot of politicians would be too afraid to come on, lest they be labeled as something they are not by the morons who hate us. But Tracy and John Paul are actual leaders who aren’t afraid of the mob. We need more leaders like that.

This usage of public streets for politically charged art projects is such hypocrisy because no other political group would be allowed to deface a city street like this. If you wanted to write, “Victims of child sex abuse matter” they wouldn’t let you, because victims of child sex abuse are not a constituency Jim McGovern is interested in winning over, and they don’t have millions of dollars to donate to his campaign. That message (“Victims of child sex abuse matter”) does not represent a radical political action group that wants to abolish the nuclear family and prisons, so it should be a lot less controversial. What happens when an anti-abortion group wants to paint “black babies matter” outside of Planned Parenthood? Will they receive a free police detail as well? If not, then the city is actively discriminating by picking winners and losers. This whole thing is unconstitutional because the government can’t allow one group to deface the street and not another. That’s why Judicial Watch is suing both Washington DC and New York City to write, “No one is above the law” on their city streets.

Whatever you do, DO NOT paint messages on the street near this mural denouncing BLM, or do burnouts on the street graffiti. These “artists” put a lot of time and effort into this, and it would be a shame if their pretty pictures got messed up.


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