Blackstone House Of Horrors Mom Erika Murray Is Only Spending 1-3 More Years In Jail Thanks To Lenient Judge Janet Kenton-Walker


Erika Murray, the Blackstone “House of Horrors” mother, will spend just 1-3 more years in jail despite having 3 dead babies, a dead dead dog, and 2 neglected children covered in feces in her house. From Masslive:

Erika Murray, the Blackstone mother accused of murder after police found the remains of three babies in her home, will serve an additional one to three years in jail following her conviction on assault and battery and animal cruelty charges. Murray was sentenced to six to eight years in jail but will receive credit for the nearly five years she has already spent in custody. She will also serve five years of probation after her release.

In June, Judge Janet Kenton-Walker found Murray guilty of two counts of assault and battery on a child causing substantial bodily injury and two counts of animal cruelty. Murray was convicted of causing injuries to an infant and 3-year-old found dirty and isolated in her home, and of failing to care for a a cat and dog found in the house. But she was cleared of two counts of second degree murder, with Kenton-Walker rejected the prosecution’s argument that Murray had killed two infants whose bodies were found hidden in her home’s closets. Murray was also found not guilty of recklessly endangering her two older children by forcing them to live in squalor.

To say that this is a miscarriage of justice is the understatement of the century. Sadly, it’s exactly the kind of sentence we’ve come to expect from Judge Janet “let em walk” Walker. We’ve covered here leniency in murder cases extensively. We don’t need to re-litigate this whole case, so click here to read about why this Judge allowed the charges for murder to be dropped against one of the fully clothed and diapered babies.

The bottom line is that Let em Walk Walker believes that a baby having diapers and clothing on them doesn’t prove that the baby was ever born. Even though a third baby, which was stillborn, was found nearby, with no clothing or diapers on. To most logical people this proves that she dressed and diapered the babies that were born alive, and didn’t bother with the babies that were stillborn.

Either way, this is a fascinating case because it illustrates the legal line that exists between when a baby is and isn’t a human being with constitutional rights. If a baby was born and the mother neglected it to the point that he or she died, the mother would be charged with a crime. But a mother is free to completely neglect a baby inside of her (she never went to the doctor), and if the baby dies as a result of this neglect the worst they’ll get charged with is animal cruelty. Because the dead dog in the closet has more legal value in this country than a baby that hasn’t been born yet. Madness.

This was also mind boggling.

Murray was also found not guilty of recklessly endangering her two older children by forcing them to live in squalor.

The two children had never left the house. One of them was three years old. They were covered in feces, had maggots in their ears, and were neglected. The whole reason the house was discovered was because Erika Murray left them crying in a room upstairs. On what planet is is that not reckless endangerment?

Shortly after the verdict in June Erika Murray’s attorney Keith Halpern contacted me, and said that he disagreed with my assessment and wanted to talk about it. I called him the next day and we spoke for almost an hour on this topic. It was a spirited and insightful conversation, as I always like to hear from people who don’t agree with me. If we only listen to people in our echo chamber then we don’t get exposed to new ideas and we don’t learn to see things from other people’s perspectives. I told Attorney Halpern that I’d love to have him on for a podcast after sentencing and he agreed. So stay tuned and I will let you all know if and when that is happening.


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