BLM Activist Vows To Publicly Shame And Assault Anyone Not Wearing A Mask Despite Participating In Massive Boston Protests  


Meghan Caseau is an assistant manager at a music club in Somerville, and a PB n J – pansexual nonbinary Jew.


Just kidding, I don’t know if she’s really Jewish. It was just the only way to make PB n J work there. She does appear to be on the BLT-123 spectrum either way, and there may or may not be scissoring involved. I can’t keep track anymore.

She’s a vocal proponent of mask laws and has had quite enough with the people who aren’t wearing them.

“I will publicly shame you.”

And now here you are on TB.

It’s really simple with the mask thing – if the store makes me wear it then I’m wearing it because I need stuff in the store. If they don’t, then I’m not wearing it. It’s not that I want to kill you, it’s that I stopped caring about anything medical “experts” had to say the moment they condoned massive protests with hundreds of thousands of people all over the country. I’m also not stupid and I realize that COVID has a 99.98% recovery rate, and if I did have COVID and it was deadly then you’d be foolish to think that a flimsy piece of paper on my mouth will protect you from getting it.

One of her friends confessed to the tribunal that she had sinned.

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“Literally endangering the lives of every person.”

This happened last month in Boston.

Thank God they were wearing masks. Someone could’ve contracted an air born virus! No disease is capable of escaping a mask that you made out an old t-shirt.

As usual it was the European woman who tried to set them straight.

Don’t worry Nick, if you contract COVID you won’t even realize it because chances are your body will kill it off rather quickly. Just don’t let your grandmother in the nursing home anywhere near Andrew Cuomo. THAT is dangerous.

Meghan says she’s at the point where she’s ready to start assaulting people who aren’t wearing masks.

Wouldn’t want someone to get hurt from a virus. Better punch them in the face.

Luckily for Meghan she subscribes to the very scientifically sound belief that large groups of people don’t spread COVID, but racism does.

And she’s going to use her privilege to “shut up and listen,” which means she’s not racist and is incapable of giving or receiving COVID.

Except she never shut up and septs posting on Facebook incessantly, speaking for black people as a whole.

She also has no problem with people coming together in large groups not wearing masks if they’re looting a Target.

And she gets upset when people take pictures of looters and rioters because their anonymity is very important.

Wouldn’t want people held accountable for torching police cars. That would be racist.

When she’s not busy threatening to shame and assault people for not wearing masks, Meghan is expressing her frustration that the police aren’t acting like blood thirsty cartoon villains.

Yea guys, only negative propaganda about the cops. Wouldn’t wanna make them seem (gasp) human!

More recently she expressed how angry she was that people in Hingham support murdered police officers.

Which doesn’t surprise me at all, because the mask police are almost always the same people who want to abolish police, and are generally retched, miserable people you should avoid at all costs.
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