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BLM Maine Activist Alleges TB Sexually Assaulted Women And Students On Twitter, Urges Followers To Report Our Accounts For Pointing Out That She Scammed Them Using GoFundMe


On Friday I published a blog exposing a prominent BLM activist/model named Hamdia Ahmed who says she hates this country despite the fact that her family fled Somalia to move to Maine, after she raised upwards of $50K using multiple GoFundMe’s. These included vague fundraisers for “black lives matter Maine” (an organization that doesn’t exist so all money went to her), a lawsuit to sue the police for her mother’s arrest 7 years ago (which she ended up dropping voluntarily), and a bunch for unnamed refugees in Kenya that she couldn’t document. Like many who profit off of racism, Hamdia uses her intersectional identity (black, Muslim, woman, refugee) to constantly victimize herself, even though she is able to get by without having a job, and was honored by the Boston Red Sox specifically because of her race, gender, and religion.

She blocked me on Twitter when I messaged her for comment, but then abruptly unblocked me and we began to converse in the DM’s.

She said that my story was fake news and she had the receipts to back them up.

She never showed the receipts, but claimed that she put the money in a BLM Maine account, even though she was listed as the primary beneficiary on the GoFundMe.

She claimed that “we are a group of people,” without listing anyone else in this group.

In a nonsensical message she said that she was the person responsible for putting the money in the account through BLM Maine, whatever that means. She said that “I was not the receipt that the money went to,” which I recognize because she is not a piece of paper. Either way, if she put the money into the BLM Maine account then it should be easy for her to prove.

Of course she didn’t provide the receipts and deflected to me “attacking immigrants” and people she allegedly helped, which is something that never happened. She also hasn’t helped anyone but herself.

Instead of addressing this she attempted to discredit the story about her by pointing out that she is from BLM Maine, not BLM Portland, as if that has anything to do with anything or matters at all.

After that she blocked me, so the receipts she promised never came.

Soon after that she began posting on her Twitter account that “white supremacists” wrote a “whole article” about her because they are mad at her.

I know this playbook all too well at this point, and it’s not going to work. I took my woke vaccine. I’m the guy who doesn’t care if you throw around meaningless words like “white supremacist” and “racist.” That sort of stuff works with other people who fall into the trap and start naming their black friends. Not me though. I know that this is just a tactic that guilty people use to deflect when they’re caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

What’s really sad is that she accurately pointed out that the Red Sox pander to people like her, which is why so many people don’t watch the Red Sox anymore.

They chose her over people who actually like the horribly boring game of baseball. Hope she buys a brick with some of that donated money.

Knowing that she was caught redhanded stealing money she began posting about wanting to give money away to more unnamed people.

Then virtue signaled about how she doesn’t owe white supremacists any explanations about the $50K she stole from people who thought it was going to court fees for her mother to sue the Portland Police for an incident that they’d already investigated.

When this failed she began to write libelous things about me, accusing me of being a white supremacist, a “well known predator,” said that I sexually assaulted a woman and was fired from teaching at Shepherd Hill for that.

She pinned another tweet to the top of her account, encouraging her followers to report me to Twitter in order to silence my reporting about her theft and fraud.

She then posted what she purported to be the receipts I requested, but crossed them all out which proved absolutely nothing. She claimed that the reason she wasn’t showing them was because I sexually assaulted a woman, harassed a student, and am a white supremacist.

She said I was harassing her in the DMs, when in fact the DMs show that we were having a back and forth conversation.

She lied and said that I am under investigation for sexually assaulting a woman, and urged people to report me because I’m banned from Twitter.

Sadly Twitter and other tech companies cater to people like her who spread lies and use their platform to steal money from people while punishing people like me for exposing them.

All of these things are libelous and actionable. Since she has a Twitter audience of over 33K she has the ability to severely damage my reputation, and luckily her followers made it easier for me to get a judgment in court by showing that they believed her in the replies.

Two can play the cancel culture game though. Hamdia Ahmed is harassing me and violating Twitter’s terms of service. I urge you all to report her account (which you can find here) by clicking on those three dots.

End hate speech on the Internet.


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