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BLM Police Reform Law Allows Drugged Out White Girl In Hummer To Ram Into 8 Waterbury Police Cars And Send 7 Cops To The Hospital


Here’s a wild story out of Waterbury about a junkie Bonnie and Clyde from Connecticut who’ve been reeking havoc for the last month or so.

Hannah Casperson and Thomas Crawford met at a “trap house” in Waterbury and went on a month-long crime spree to pay for their drug addiction before Casperson’s multi-town police chase Sunday, according to newly released arrest warrants from Waterbury police. Crawford, 31, of Naugatuck, was taken into custody two days before Casperson, 25, of Brookfield, and told police everything.

“He stated that they began to commit shopliftings at various locations throughout the city, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, the mall and various other locations,” one warrant stated, noting Crawford was “very forthcoming.” Crawford said in every case, Casperson would drive the Hummer, and he’d go into the stores to steal. He also confessed to other crimes police had already tied the duo to, like the theft of parking meters near St. Mary’s Hospital on March 11.

In Crawford’s interview, “He stated that Hannah would hit the meters with the Hummer to loosen them, then he would pull them from the ground. Crawford said they took the meters to the end of Silver Street, where he smashed them on concrete barriers, getting approximately $60 in cash.”

The warrants state Crawford also admitted to breaking into 14 cars in Waterbury on March 31 and April 1, “using a window punch to break out windows.” In one, three diamond rings, three sweatshirts, and a pair of Jordan sneakers were taken, a total value of $6,100. Another $1,000 was stolen from a wallet in an additional car, and a pair of $200 headphones from a third car.

Wolcott police said Casperson and Crawford were also behind 41 car break-ins in their town just on April 1.

“They didn’t get a lot of stuff from the cars, not enough to support their habit I would say,” said Wolcott police Chief Edward Stephens at a news conference Monday. “So that’s why they came back into town.”

Later that day, police tracked them to Pat’s IGA in Wolcott where Crawford was arrested with a cart full of meat that Stephens said he was about to steal.

“He was ready to go out the door and evidently Hannah had seen the police pulling into the lot, and she fled,” Stephens told reporters.

Police posted information about Casperson’s SUV to social media. Sunday morning someone called in to say it was parked on Rutledge Street in Waterbury. That led to what has become a viral video. It shows Casperson slamming her SUV into a police cruiser to avoid arrest. What followed was a multi-town chase that ended in Monroe with seven officers and Casperson in the hospital.

Warrants filed in Waterbury Superior Court state the Hummer was registered to Casperson and her father in Brookfield, and police had been trying to locate it since before last week, noting “to check the condition of Hannah, who was known to use drugs and frequent the Waterbury area.”

“This vehicle has been seen by officers on multiple occasions in the City of Waterbury, who attempted to stop the vehicle and identify the parties, however, they were unsuccessful as the Hummer did not stop for officers and it was not engaged in pursuits.”


Watch this video:


Here it is from another angle:


This story is brought to you by black lives matter. Thanks to their protesting and rioting the Connecticut State Legislature passed a bill that prevents cops from shooting drug fueled criminals who are rampaging the streets in vehicles of war.

The bill prohibits officers from firing at motor vehicles unless there is an imminent threat to the life of an officer or bystander, essentially codifying in state law the tactics taught to police and the policies of many Connecticut police departments.

The cop could’ve immediately ended this by shooting the vehicle, but he can’t because….black lives matter.

Criminals aren’t ALWAYS stupid. She knew the law, she knew that they couldn’t do anything to her if she started running over cars and driving through Waterbury like a lunatic, and now 7 cops are in the hospital. But it’s all worth it because a white girl who turns tricks for fentanyl didn’t get shot.

Sure, she has no regard for life or property and wouldn’t think twice about running over a child of color in a crowded urban area if it meant getting her next fix. But we can’t shoot the white girl because black lives matter.

Just as the bill was intended to do.

Call me old school, but I liked the days when people knew that doing something like this would likely end up with them being shot and killed because it made people think twice before doing it.

Of course she was already wanted on warrants and avoided prison thanks to communist judges who thought she deserved more chances to prove that she wasn’t a complete shitbag.

According to Spagnolo, Casperson was wanted for questioning in connection to larceny and theft cases and was also wanted on a probation violation stemming from an arrest and conviction in a 2020 case. Court records show Casperson was convicted of third-degree criminal mischief and second-degree failure to appear in court in November 2021. She was sentenced to six months in jail, with the execution of that sentence suspended (meaning she didn’t have to spend any time in custody) and 18 months of probation. She was then charged with interfering with an officer later in November 2021 and a warrant on a probation violation was issued in January 2022.

The 2020 incident, according to an article from the time in the Danbury News-Times, stemmed from a domestic dispute at a gas station in Southbury. A 911 caller reported a woman, later identified as Casperson, was “smashing up his car,” the newspaper reported. Police then received a call from a woman who was “hysterical and could not provide any information.”

The News-Times wrote, “Around that time, Southbury police spotted a white BMW 320 Xi with damage to its passenger side door, as well as a broken off switch that controls windshield wipers, on Riverhill Road and started to investigate. Casperson was subsequently arrested and charged with third-degree criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.”

But luckily she remained out of jail because….black lives matter.

And please, spare me the “it’s not her fault because she has the disease” jazz. Junkies shouldn’t be gifted hummers by Daddy, who I blame more than anyone. Sure, it probably sucks to watch your kid go through this, but you don’t enable them by giving them an expensive all terrain vehicle they can smash into meters so the guy she met at the trap house can shake $60 worth of quarters out of it.

The bottom line is it’s both tragic and hilarious to watch the BLM paradise play out in front of our eyes. Dozens of people had their cars broken into, tons of stuff stolen, hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, and seven cops in the hospital. This is the world the communists wanted because it honors George Floyd, or something.

Black lives matter.


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