Body Cam Footage Shows Gen Z Providence City Councilor Degrading And Threatening Cops Responding To Noise Complaint At Defund The Police Bar, Dad Defends Honor On Facebook


Katherine “Kat” Kerwin is a radical left wing Providence City Councillor who recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin, brags about having a Rhode Island tattoo on her ankle, and redefines the term basic Becky.

As you can see she is from Providence but she went to La Salle Academy because her racist father Peter Kerwin, who is a college professor himself, didn’t want her mixing with children of color.

She also seems to believe that black lives DON’T matter since she wants to defund the police, when studies clearly show that a lack of policing leads to a much higher murder rate in black and brown communities.

She called the reopening of businesses a “capitalist response that fails to allow workers to fight the virus safely,” and says that these places don’t need to open because no one “NEEDS to go to stores or travel or eat out.”

Except for the people who own the businesses and pay property taxes, along with people who need to purchase goods and services.

She called out Providence College students for having outdoor graduation celebrations, who she accused of trying to kill black and brown people because evidently they’re the only people who die from COVID.

Yet despite her affinity for lockdowns she helped organize a massive protest/riot in downtown Providence, despite admitting that she was advised not to due to the pandemic.

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Despite serving on the City Council she was upset at the city for protecting public property from vandals, because she prefers mob rule.

During the lockdowns she also wanted Rhode Island to ban the 2nd Amendment.

Because on top of being an idiot, she’s also a tyrant.

A few weeks back Kat was out at a downtown bar called Fortnight, which is notorious for wanting to defund the police and has signs urging people to kill cops on their windows.

Whatever you do, DO NOT flood their Facebook page with negative reviews. I’m serious this time guys!!!

Their owner was arrested during the Providence BLM riots for writing “all cops are bastards” on Providence City Hall. If you look through their Facebook pictures you will see that despite their alleged wokeness, they have not posted a single picture of a person of color inside their establishment. Generally that’s what happens when you serve craft beer and wine and get served by a guy wearing a sweater.

Kat Kerwinclaimed that on July 23 the bar was targeted by Providence Police because they’re notorious for wanting to defund the police.

Last night, I was at Fortnight just after 9pm when three police officers showed up claiming they had received a “noise complaint.” This seemed extremely unlikely to me – Fortnight was playing music just loud enough for the patrons of the bar sitting outside to hear, much less loud than the normal noise level outside on that block of downtown at night. Fortnight is a local bar that has vocally defended the Black Lives Matter movement and supported the movement in Providence to defund the police, and they have attested to being a frequent target of harassment by the police. Indeed, people from Fortnight and patrons told me that for the last few weeks Providence Police cars have been repeatedly driving past the bar w and turning on their sirens while passing with the purpose to harass, intimidate, and annoy patrons and workers and incidentally create a lot more noise than the music in question last night. I was also told that a Providence Police Officer yelled out the window of their patrol car “I fucked your mother” at a patron while driving by on July 17th at 8pm. The patron filled a police report and has received no response.

She didn’t witness the cop yell “I fucked your mother,” she was just told by her friends who want to defund the police that it did in fact happen. Sounds legit.

Upon arrival, three officers approached someone working at the bar. The first officer to speak to the worker was extremely belligerent and was yelling right in the workers face and refusing to stand farther away despite COVID-19 issues and repeated requests to do so. At this point someone working at the bar asked me to intervene. I noted that I was a Councilor, and was concerned about the presence of so many officers for such a minor complaint. After this a different officer spoke to the worker much more reasonably, said they had no intention of citing the bar and just wanted the music turned down. The bar staff then cooperated fully and turned the music off completely. However, minutes later three more police cars and four more officers arrived at the scene to respond, circling the bar in an act of intimidation – and proving that this had nothing to do with a noise complaint, as the bar had zero music on at all.

I am extremely frustrated by the Police Department’s response last night. It is clear to me that what I observed was an attempt to harass a small business for bravely supporting youth organizers and working alongside community leaders to defund the police. At a time when our small businesses are suffering, this seems particularly egregious. Further, I am disturbed that the Police officers on the scene were able to turn over body camera footage of our encounter last night, but the Providence Police Department has not yet released footage of the misconduct on the part of Sergeant Hanley.

Except the body cam footage was released today and it turns out she’s a horrible person on top of being a bad liar.

Let’s count the lies:

1. The first officer to speak to the worker was extremely belligerent and was yelling right in the workers face and refusing to stand farther away despite COVID-19 issues and repeated requests to do so.

No, you inserted yourself into a noise complaint that had nothing to do with you, and got up in the face of the cop. He remained calm and professional with his mask on while you took off your mask and put your hand in his face in your best “can I speak to the manager” tone.

2. At this point someone working at the bar asked me to intervene.

No one asked you to intervene. You’re just not that important dear. You immediately inserted yourself into the calm situation and threw gasoline on it by telling the other cop “I’m a councilwoman, please do not tell me what to do,” before threatening to abuse your position of power to call the police chief.

3. I noted that I was a Councilor, and was concerned about the presence of so many officers for such a minor complaint.

Your exact words when informed about the perfectly valid noise complaint (the DJ was basically outside) were “They live downtown, they can fucking get over it.” This is what a City Councilor thinks of taxpaying citizens who have a valid complaint about violation of a noise ordinance.

After the video was released it was pretty undeniable that she was completely in the wrong and lied about the encounter. But instead of being a grownup and owning up to the fact that she’s an entitled, trashy, spoiled brat, Kat Kerwin whined that old white politicians are allowed to speak to cops like that, and said that “checking the cops” by threatening to use her position of authority to hurt them, is a good thing.

All of her friends supported her, but some citizens have begun to call her out. When that happened Dad made his entrance, and the two of them told a concerned citizen that he should move to the suburbs if he doesn’t like being governed by a trashy, entitled blonde chick.

The reason girls grow up to be brats like this is because they’re raised by horrible parents like Peter Kerwin, who don’t discipline them because they read in a baby book that letting your kid become a free spirit is better for their soul. So he continued to make excuses for her behavior.

He’s not a regular Dad, he’s a cool Dad.

And he called someone a Karen. He’s so hip!

It’s hardly surprising that someone like this could get elected in a dump like Providence. After all, they have a socialist Mayor who gave Ryan Kyote an award. She’s right about one thing though – every normal person in America is moving to the suburbs because cities all across America are run by people like her, and when they get bigger they become Jenny Durkin, Lori Lightfoot, Joe Curtatone, and Bill de Blasio.


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