Body Of Missing 3 Year Old Lowell Boy Discovered Near Babysitter’s Home


Lowell Police have been dedicating the last 24 hours to finding a missing 3 year old boy named Harry, who was last seen on Tuesday at 9:15 AM at a babysitter’s house at 37 Freda Lane.

From the Lowell Police:

Acting Superintendent Barry Golner shares that the Lowell Police Department, in coordination with regional, state, and national law enforcement, is continuing its search for a boy reported missing on Tuesday morning. Lowell Police received a report on Tuesday, June 14, at about 9:30 a.m., that a 3-year-old named Harry was missing from a home on Freda Lane. The boy had been dropped off at the home of a babysitter, and was last seen in the yard by a neighbor at about 9:15 a.m. Harry was last seen wearing a long-sleeve maroon shirt, and gray pants with a white stripe. Lowell Police urge anyone with information on Harry’s whereabouts, or who believes they have seen him, to call 911, or Lowell Police at 978-937-3200. 

“We ask everyone to take one last look at their properties. If you live in Lowell, you live in Tyngsborough, please take one last look at your property, look in your bushes,” said Carlisle Police Chief John Fisher, who is serving as an incident commander for the Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council Regional Response Team. “If you have a door surveillance camera, please look at the footage from yesterday.”

On Tuesday, about 180 first responders searched a radius of about one mile around the neighborhood. On Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, Lowell detectives and officers, in collaboration with law enforcement partners, canvassed the area a second time, reconnecting with residents and following up on all tips.

On Wednesday, about 200 first responders will re-cavass the area and expand the scope of the ground search. Lowell Police do not believe this case to be an abduction at this time. However, the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment, which has significant experience in missing child searches, is offering assistance. 

“They are the best of the best,” Acting Superintendent Golner said.

As I write this it’s being reported that the body of 3 year old Harry has been found not far from the home.

I was really hoping the boy was scared and hiding somewhere, but I’m also relieved something more nefarious didn’t happen. Freda Lane is right near the borders of Tyngsborough and Chelmsford. It’s close to a huge state forest and the Merrimack River.

There are also 63 sex offenders living within 3 miles of that home:

So I’m relieved to know that it’s unlikely he was murdered or abducted. I’m not really interested in playing the blame game here, and I’m sure that will all be sorted out in time. We don’t know what happened to this boy, but he only had a 15 minute head start. Police were seen converging on Rollie’s Christmas Tree Farm, near the corner of Freda Lane and Varnum Ave. 


I can’t imagine someone would abduct and murder him without being seen by anyone, and then leave his body so close to the babysitter’s house. I won’t speculate or cast judgment on the babysitter (yet), because for all we know she’s going through hell right now. But parents everywhere should be aware of how many registered sex offenders live close to them and be on guard at all times.


Sometimes horrible things happen and no one is to blame. Let’s hope that is what happened here, and not something more nefarious. For now, just hug your kids tight and keep a close eye on them at all times.


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