Boston 25 News Hit Piece On Supercharged Entertainment Gets Interrupted By Self Described “Old School Italian” Owner Who’s Had Quite Enough


Boston 25 News is evidently desperate for a story, so they decided to use their resources to try to damage a new business that opened up in June called Supercharged Entertainment in Wrentham. The facility has a go kart track and other entertainment that people choose to participate in after signing a waiver, but some kids have gotten injured in spite of that, which is exactly why the waiver exists. Jason Law, a reporter from Boston 25 News, did a hit piece on Supercharged Entertainment last week.

But one hit piece wasn’t enough, because it didn’t get much traction and only one person commented that they weren’t going to go there anymore.

So Jason Law decided to do a followup, but he had no idea that he would be confronted by the owner’s self described “old school Italian” husband.

That guy was ready for a fight. He tried to get her to join his fight, but unfortunately for him his wife wasn’t up for it because she was too busy running a successful business.

I’d probably feel the same way if I was him. They likely invested a large amount of money into this business and now the mainstream media is doing their part to try to put a stop to that. Every point he brought up was valid.

  • There have been less than 10 injuries out of 65,000 visitors since opening
  • You have a better chance getting in a car accident on the way to the facility
  • Your kids are much more likely to get hurt participating in youth sports
  • Everyone who goes there does so willingly and signs a waiver
  • Perhaps wrapping everyone in bubble wrap would help prevent injuries

Jason Law is your typical, untalented mainstream media report.

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They hired him because he can speak clearly, he’s over 6 feet tall with dark hair, and he knows how to use a microphone. But he has no real skills when it comes to journalism, so this is what people are stuck with for “news.” He readily admits to the owner’s husband that he cut down his wife’s statement for the sake of time. In other words, he decided to print the quotes that would drive the most traffic towards Boston 25 News.

If I were running this business I’d probably be concerned that people were getting hurt at the facility and take steps to prevent that from happening. But the fact of the matter is that people choose to do this. When you jump on trampolines or ride go karts there’s a chance something freaky can happen. If you don’t want to get injured then don’t go out.

Your kid has a much better chance of getting hurt playing youth soccer than they do riding in a go kart. I’d say youth football, but these people declared war on that a long time ago because they generally hate anything that involves personal responsibility or fun. When the owner brought this up Jason Law said one of the dumber things you’ll ever hear.

“Well that’s different, your’e running a business.”

Yea, good thing Pop Warner and Little Leaugue aren’t businesses. They don’t make any money at all.

The bottom line is that we pay good money to live vicariously through our kids by signing them up for youth sports, and we reserve the right to let them ride around in go karts too.


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