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Poor Behavior

Boston Activist Tries To Shame Sam Adams For Donating 15 Cases Of Beer For Turtle Rider Golf Tournament, Gets Proven Wrong With Email Receipts


The Turtle Rider Golf Tournament is coming up in just a week, July 26 at 10 PM at Kettle Brook Golf Club in Paxton. Sign up to golf or sponsor a hole here. In preparation for the event the organizing committee arranged for Sam Adams to sponsor the tournament by donating 15 cases of beer, which I picked up in Jamaica Plain last Wednesday.

I knew this would drive the cancel culture crowd mad, and right on cue this blue checkmark called Chip Goines, who is friends with Monica Cannon-Grant and whose sole accomplishment in life is being labeled as one of “10 people on Twitter” who made sure the Olympics didn’t come to Boston, reached out to Sam Adams to demand to know why they did this. The intern he spoke with who runs the Twitter account claims I lied about the donation.

Think of how empty and meaningless your life must be to spend your days contacting a beer company for donating promotional beer to an event because you don’t like a blog. It’s really sad actually. Poor Chalky Chip Goines.

Luckily I always bring receipts.

Here is the email Sam Adams sent one of our organizers telling us that they would be providing 15 free promotional cases of beer for our organization’s event, with instructions on how to pick them up on Wednesday.

Here is our email back to them alerting them that I would be there Wednesday around 5 to pick up the beer.

Here is the beer in my car.

Here is a picture of the brick wall you can see in front of my car at Sam Adams brewery in JP.

And the people I met in there were really cool and big fans of the blog, as are most rational, normal human beings. I always bring receipts for the haters.


Sam Adams was bullied into lying about this donation because they feared what bullies like Chip Goines would do to them by organizing online mobs to come after them. But the best thing you can do to these people is proudly tell them that you’re not ashamed ashamed to be associating with Turtleboy. We are a legitimate media outlet that respectable people like cops, lawyers, firefighters, teachers, principals, and many other vocations read every day for news and entertainment. There is nothing wrong with the blog, and there is nothing wrong with being proud to read and support it. The best thing you can do to people like Chip Goines is loudly and publicly let them know that, and they will back down. Every normal, rational person out there agrees with you. You are not alone, you are just used to being bullied.

I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to meet a lot of turtle riders next Monday. Click here for more information on how to sign up.

P.S. You know you’ve made it when you have armies of people dedicated to pretending like you don’t own their brains.




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