Boston Area Women Saved From Dating Non-Celebrity Chef Mike Fucci And Other Turtleboy Famous Cretins On Facebook Group Used To Identify Creeps


There’s a private Facebook group called “Are We Dating The Same Guy? Boston/Cambridge,” where women can share pictures of guys they’re dating, or who are courting them, to find information on them if they exhibit red flags. Frequently images of men are shared who are instantly recognized by women for being Turtleboy famous. For instance, this guy was immediately pegged:

If Todd DeAngelis from Bedford looks familiar it might be because he was featured on Turtleboy in September when he was caught on Ring video trespassing at a Bedford house, using their ladder to peer into a bedroom window, and rubbing his crotch outside of his pants. To make matters worse it was his 12 year old daughter’s friends house. He came on our page and talked a big game about deformation, but sadly we were never served with the paperwork.

Luckily the woman was warned and avoided the inevitable headaches that would come along with dating Rowdy Roddy Peeper.

This man was also brought to the group’s attention:

Eric Neal was featured on Turtleboy in December for running a Middleton Facebook group where he was ripping off small businesses by forcing them to give him money to post on the page, and for publishing a blog defending his father who was incarcerated for downloading child pornography. He also showed what an obsessive person he is towards women by airing his beef with a rival Facebook group run by a woman named Carrie, and cried about how someone in Carrie’s group accused him of “having relations with cats.”


As you can see, “stop,” and “no,” aren’t words he responds to well, so it’s a good thing that blog was written. Since it was published Eric has been messaging and tweeting at me non-stop in a desperate plea for attention. He even bought my book.

Ladies, this is 100% the kind of guy who will text you a million times in a row and not understand why that makes him look unappealing. He even paid $175 to get police records of every call made to the Holden Police Department about me. He discovered a lot of dirt, such as that time I took a left hand turn out of Dunkins in 2018 and got a warning.

That time I saw a missing dog from a poster and called police to notify them.

That time someone ordered pizzas to my house as a prank.

And some calls I never knew about, like the person who said they were “unhappy” with my blogs and had spoken with the AGO and cyber crimes about it.

Or the person who walked into the station to report slanderous things I said about them on YouTube last May.

All of those are huge red flags for any woman, but the cat sex allegations that stung the most.

Sorry Eric. You’re a handsome guy though, things will pick up soon.

But today the man with more red flags than anyone I have ever written about made his debut on the burn book page.

Mike Fucci, the former celebrity chef, who admitted in court that he was no longer a celebrity chef. The same man who lied about having cancer to raise $20K in GoFundMe, convinced a woman he was cheating on his wife with to have a baby with him that he has since abandoned and refused to pay child support for, pretended to buy a $1.7 million home, stole from homeless vets, was investigated by the AGO and shut down his business over wage theft, and lives with his wife’s parents in Newton.

Fucci has apparently learned nothing and is back on the prowl looking for new side chicks to screw over while his wife works all day. I have never covered a man with less fucks to give than this man, and I have NEVER covered a woman with less respect for herself than Jennifer Fucci. I’m just blown away that a college educated woman is willing to accept a life of living destitute at her parents house while she works and her unemployed husband goes around impregnating women and paying for their rent.

Luckily, thanks to our reporting he was immediately identified by other women in the group. As it turns out he had been messaging this woman for 3 weeks, which was right around the time that I beat him and his wife’s attempt to get a restraining order on me in Newton District court.

All the people who complain about Turtleboy should really read this blog. We just saved some poor woman from becoming Mike Fucci’s next victim. What other media outlet can say that?

P.S. Fucci is apparently writing another book about his rise and fall as a celebrity chef. He recently sent an email to one of his former girlfriends who dumped him when she found out he was married, alerting her that he would be mentioning her children but not naming them in the book.

Warning – if you order the book you’ll probably never receive it.


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