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Boston BLM Activist Teacher Arrested On Gun Charges While Driving With Career Criminal On A Suspended License 


This is Shakirla Lymon from Boston, who claims to be a teacher at Kingsley Montessori School in the Back Bay, and/or Cambridge Montessori School.

She’s really into BLM and over the summer participated in protests while holding signs saying, “stop f***ing killing black people.”

The other day in Boston she was driving around with this fine gentleman:

Antoine Lewis is from Randolph and is a really big fan of unregistered guns.

He’s 31 now, but by the age of 21 he was already facing “career criminal charges” due to his proclivity for violence. Ten years ago he miraculously survived an incident with the police in which he was carrying an unregistered, loaded, and cocked handgun, which he reached for while being frisked, and somehow survived despite being black in America.

A 21-year-old Randolph man described by police as a career criminal faces charges after allegedly being caught carrying a loaded, cocked handgun in Roxbury early Tuesday morning. Antoine Lewis, 21, of Randolph is charged with carrying a firearm without a license, possession of ammunition without a firearms identification card, carrying a loaded firearm and being a Level 1 armed career criminal. Boston police said officers responded to a burglary in progress at 10 Park View St. at 1 a.m. Tuesday. Witnesses said a dark, heavy-set person fled toward Seaver Street. While in the area, officers spotted two men and a woman walking in the area of Seaver and Harold streets and noticed that one of them – Lewis – had a bulge in the pocket of his baggy winter coat, police said. When officers approached the group, Lewis took two steps away and turned the right side of his body away from them, and his furtive motions led officers to believe he was armed, police said. Lewis resisted attempts to frisk him, ultimately reaching for his right side, police said. After he was subdued, police found a loaded and cocked semiautomatic handgun, police said.

Weird how the media never talks about incidents like this one and instead cherry picks random incidents in Minnesota in order to frame a narrative that the police are blood thirsty racist killers.

In 2017 Lewis was again arrested by Mass State Police for carrying a stolen and loaded gun. Yet despite the fact that Ayanna Pressley and crew keep telling us that the criminal justice system is racist, this career criminal, who happens to be black and can’t stop getting his hands on stolen and unregistered guns, has managed to remain free.

Since Skakirla is really concerned about saving black lives you would think the last person on earth she would associate with would be a violent criminal gang banger, considering most black men who are killed in this country are killed by other black men, not police. But since BLM doesn’t care the least bit about black men and are nothing more than a billion dollar f*** the police super PAC, they choose to blame police instead of people like Antoine Lewis for violence in the black community. Not surprisingly these two were both arrested by Boston Police earlier in the week on gun charges.

This guy always keeps one in the chamber. Every. Single. Arrest. Wonder why? Oh right, because he finna shoot a mofo if they disrespect him in Roxbury.

Nothing has ever better encapsulated everything that is wrong with BLM more than this story. Cops aren’t the reason black people get killed in this country; people like Antoine Lewis are. “Organizers” like Shakirla have nothing to say about them because these are their friends, and thus nothing ever changes.


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