Boston Children’s Hospital Doctor Warns Sandwich Police Not To Arrest Black Student Who Viciously Beat White Student On Video Because He Was Called A Racial Slur On XBox


Multiple people sent in this video from Sandwich High School of a vicious beating that took place in class as the teacher did nothing to stop it. She did however yell at students who were recording it.

This is why they don’t want cops or phones in school – because they don’t want you to be able to see what is actually happening. The teachers can just stand there until one kids is sufficiently beaten and kicked in the face, and the other kid gets tired of it and leaves his lifeless body lying there.

More guidance counselors and equity should fix it.

That video is obviously disturbing and nothing could justify one student doing that to another. The Sandwich Police posted about it on Facebook.

But there is a racial component to this because the student being beaten is white and the aggressor is black. According to sources this beating was motivated because the white kid allegedly called the black kid a racial slur on XBox the night before. More than likely it was that slur that’s totally acceptable and normal to say if you’re not white, but an unacceptable crime against humanity if you are white.

This is what happens when you make up stupid rules like that.

Over the summer an elderly man was murdered by a Dunkins employee for calling him a racial slur. He was wrong to use language like that, and a total knob, but society has basically made the use of that word so unacceptable that physical violence up to and including murder is now a permissible response to hearing it. Unless of course the person saying it is also black, brown, or Asian, in which case it’s a term of endearment.

This is how stupid, lazy, and dishonest our present day discourse on race is.

This is Bonnie Hope Arzuaga, a doctor at Boston Children’s Hospital, and instructor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.

As you can see she is a virtue signaling activist who thinks she’s smarter and more important than you. She frequently uses her Facebook page to tell you to “stay the f*** home,” even though lockdowns did absolutely nothing to stop the spread of COVID.

She apparently has a kid who attends Sandwich High School and doesn’t think the black student should be charged or punished if the other student used a racial slur on XBox because “systemic racism is real and we must be cognizant of how it colors the lenses of justice.”


“Just know people will be watching to see what comes of this investigation….”

What a bad ass.

Newsflash Doctor – nothing justifies what you saw on that video. Nothing. It doesn’t matter what words were used the night before or how much it hurt the other kids feelings. In a civilized society you cannot punch and kick a defenseless person. The fact that you’re not horrified about what you witnessed makes it impossible for anyone to trust you as a health care provider. You are attempting to overcompensate for the immense pain you feel by waking up every day and seeing a white person in the mirror, and normal people everywhere are laughing at you.

She’s right about one thing though – systemic racism is real. A society that condones and excuses physical violence against a group of people based on their skin color for using a word, and then accepts widespread use of that same word by people who have other skin colors, is a systemically racist society.


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