Boston City Councillor Julia Mejia Makes Twitter Account Private After Being Asked About Allegations Of Drunk Driving And Drug Use


In the last 48 hours we have been inundated with tips about looking into an alleged drunk driving incident over the weekend in Boston involving City Councillor Julia Mejia. We don’t print rumors or gossip as fact, but the allegations were troubling because multiple sources in the Boston Police Department have alleged that an unnamed Boston Police Officer gave her a pass and allowed her to get a ride home. To be clear, we have no concrete evidence that this happened, as the city is thus far refusing to hand over body cam footage, and she was not arrested. However, the allegations gained credibility due to the volume of tips we’ve received about this, so I reached out to Mejia directly for comment yesterday.

If a Boston Police Officer did give her a pass due to her position as a City Councillor, turned off their body camera, and didn’t treat her as they would a normal civilian, they would be risking their careers. Mejia herself has been vocal about police transparency and accountability when it comes to covering crimes committed by other officers.

I misspoke in the message when I said “last night. After sending the message reporters from two other Boston based media outlets who are also investigating this story informed me that the incident happened over the weekend. However, instead of responding or denying the allegations Boston’s first Afro-Latina she/her City Councillor made her Twitter account completely private.

As a result of legal precedent set in court cases involving former President Donald Trump blocking constituents on Twitter, elected officials are not allowed to block people they represent. I do not live in the City of Boston so she is free to block me all she wants. But making your Twitter account completely private like that is a First Amendment violation since she uses the account to make policy and campaign announcements, and by making it private her constituents are unable to read things she has said in the past. It’s important to reiterate that making her account private does violate the First Amendment, but it is not proof or evidence that the allegations being made against her are true.

Mejia’s 3 year run as a City Councillor has been loaded with controversy. She has proposed that the city stop using asphalt because it incites murder by making the streets too hot during the summer. Last year she was criticized by a murder victim’s family after she live streamed a man’s murder that occurred on her street in Mattapan. She has also been a vocal and steadfast supporter of Monica Cannon-Grant, who has been charged with 18 counts of fraud in federal court.

The firefighter she was reportedly with was John Soares, who like Mejia is a glass ceiling breaker for becoming the first person of color to head the firefighter’s union.

The two have previously interacted on social media, and may know each other on a personal level.

She has not posted any images of herself with Soares, but has posted videos of herself at firefighter events.

On social media people Mejia has previously blocked constituents who asked about alleged drug use, particularly cocaine and crack.

Mejia is quite active on Tik Tok. She recently posted video from a City Council meeting in which she spoke out in defense of crackheads, claiming that terms like addicts and crack pipe were harmful to those who choose to smoke crack.

Her look over the last 3 years has dramatically changed. This is her when she won the final spot on the City Council by exactly 1 vote in 2019.

Since then she has taken on the image of a self-promoting, super cringe single Mom going through a mid life crisis. She often wears a beret, has grown her hair out, and has noticeable bags under her eyes that weren’t there before.


She is desperately trying to come across as a super hip councilor by documenting her service to constituents on Tik Tok, and using hashtags like #BPSMomSquad.

She tries way too hard to be cool and constantly posts dance videos with her daughter, the occasional spicy Latinx friend, and geriatric boomers like Senator Ed Markey.

Here’s a video of her daughter teasing her about a man she was flirting with during a trip to Paris last summer.

She appears to be single and ready to mingle.

Mejia made a video at her alma mater Dorchester High School, mentions how she skipped school all the time when she was a student, and shows kids the door she used to walk out of when she cut class, in case current students wanted tips.

Maybe if she had went to class she would’ve learned that asphalt doesn’t turn people into murderers. Call me old fashioned, but I would prefer that if my elected officials did a video promoting a city high school, that they would talk about the education they received and perhaps speak with a principal or teacher. Not Julia though. Her fondest memories of high school all involve truancy. Great example for the kids.

She also posts videos of herself at City Council meetings doing the only thing she knows how to do as a politician – virtue signaling while portraying herself as a victim due to her identity as an Afro-Latina she/her of color.  Here she is announcing that any criticism of her bizarre behavior is only because she is a woman of color.


Here she is announcing that she won’t behave like a normal adult because she is “fearless,” and won’t “act differently.”

She also has been pushing for reparations, because as a woman of color she is entitled to money from the government for prior injustices that she wasn’t alive for.

She also used her power as a councillor to condemn Walgreens and demand that they invest more in the community, after out of control shoplifting and lack of prosecution from DA Rachael Rollina prompted 3 Walgreens to close.

We are currently being stonewalled by city officials about this matter. There is no record we have seen thus far of her car being towed to a lot in B-3, the district covering Roxbury and Mattapan, nor was she arrested. But the allegation was that the alleged incident was covered up, so this isn’t surprising.

I, along with several other Boston based media outlets are actively investigating the allegations that have been made and will keep you posted with any other developments.


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