Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu Live Tweets Participation In Illegal Blockade Of Congress Street Bridge During Rush Hour


On Friday a mob of people with nothing to do shut down the Congress Street Bridge during rush hour, which connects Southie to downtown Boston, in order to protest climate change.

Hundreds of climate change activists have flooded Boston’s Seaport District and forced police to close the Congress Street Bridge to traffic during rush hour on Friday. The protesters have gathered for “Flood the Seaport” protest, which was organized by Extinction Rebellion. The event is meant to raise awareness about what organizers are calling a “climate crisis.” According to one report, sea levels in the Seaport District are projected to rise several feet over the next few decades. Activists began to move onto the bridge at around 4:30 p.m. and built a temporary structure on it. Two protesters then climbed about 40 feet up a structure on the bridge and placed a banner there that reads: “Tell the truth … declare climate emergency. According to John Atwater, of NewsCenter 5, police spoke sternly with the pair but did not arrest them. Organizers said the protest was scheduled to wrap up before 6:30 p.m.

Preventing people from traveling where they want to travel is denying them freedom. This should be considered kidnapping and anyone who participates in it should be charged. You do not have the right to blockade a major throughway simply because you want to throw a tantrum over (insert activist cause here). It’s also counterproductive in this case because it causes cars to idle, which only leads to more carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Well done.

All protests like this ever do is make people who had no opinion on the matter beforehand instinctively want to take the counter opinion to whatever they’re protesting for. This particular protest inspires me to stock up on plastic straws and increase America’s reliance on coal and oil. Anything to upset these people really. Ideally we’d be able to just keep driving, and if they get in the way it’s their fault. If you want to act like a speed bump then I should be able to treat you like one. But we all know who would be prosecuted if that happened.

The question is, why does Marty Walsh allow people to shut down public roads without a permit? The straight pride clowns at least had a permit. It’s simple really – you’re allowed to break the law, so long as you’re doing so under the guise of addressing some sort of left wing talking point.

Not only did the City allow this to happen, City Councillor Michelle Wu participated in it.

SJWs are going to SJW. But if you’re an elected official participating in this you’re even worse than they are. Imagine being this tone deaf? It’s rush hour on a Friday. People who actually pay taxes and have jobs are trying to get home to their families, but they can’t because a bunch of white trust fund babies from Brookline are singing Koombaya on a taxpayer funded bridge. And this dingbat elected official is out here joining them.

Then again this is the same city councilor who blamed the police for arresting Antifa members who were attacking them during the straight pride parade.

Siding with criminals and then blaming the police when they arrest these violent thugs is pretty much the only thing this woman seems to know how to do.


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