Boston College Grade, Young Democrats Of Mass Caucus Chair Defends Monica Cannon-Grant, Calls Rayla Campbell A White Supremacist And House N Word, Claims It Wasn’t Her


Leslie Templton is a Boston College grad from Tampa, a board member at the Women’s March, and a “disabled activist.”

She’s also politically active in the Democratic Party and serves as the caucus chair for Young Democrats of Massachusetts. She models herself after some of the worst politicians America has to offer. Pramila Jayapal is the grandmother version of AOC and represents the lawless anarchist haven known as Seattle.

She also loves Kirsten Gillibrand.

Which is fitting, because this is likely who she’s going to grow up to be. If you think Elizabeth Warren is annoying, try listening to Senator Gillibrand speak for more than five seconds. Your head will explode.

Leslie has chosen to attend Boston College, a school that mass produces whiteness and boat shoes on an industrial scale. Shockingly all of the friends she chooses to allow in her social circles are basic Becky’s like herself.

Unsurprisingly she’s a big fan of racist BLM organizer Monica Cannon-Grant, and supports her racist, sexually derogatory, and threatening messages towards her black female republican opponent Rayla Campbell.

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Here’s what Leslie had to say about that video.

If you see a racist video of a powerful woman attacking a black woman and making racist comments about “riding white penis,” and your immediate reaction is to raise money for that racist woman, then you just might be a racist yourself.

I’d say that I’m surprised that they’ve turned this vile woman into the victim here, but this has been Monica’s game plan for quite some time now. Whenever legitimate criticism is levied against her she claims it’s happening because she’s a black woman, and not because she’s a bigoted garbage. She whines about how she’s “under attack,” and then white women like Ginger Jenny over here donate more money to her fraudulent non-profit.

Leslie claims that Rayla, who had to move out of her house due to all the threats she was receiving from MCG’s mob, was actually the one who was at fault for putting Monica’s life at risk.

Keep in mind, Rayla never spoke to this woman or spoke about her before Monica decided to make that threatening racist video. We are not insinuating Monica made threats towards Rayla, we are stating that as a fact. She vowed to “roll up” on Rayla, and said that Malcolm X would’ve blown her head off by now.

Leslie also accused Rayla’s white husband of “fetishizing black people,” because in her racist mind white men cannot possibly fall in love with black women.

Then she took it a step further and called Rayla a white supremacist

Just so we are clear here, the white woman is calling the black woman a white supremacist in the name of social justice. This is the world BLM has created.

Honey, Monica isn’t scared in the least bit. It’s just part of her grift. She knows dumb white women like you will pay her every time she does it.

Anyway, I posted some of these screenshots on the Clarence Woods Emerson page and we all had a good laugh at it. Then Leslie herself graced us with her presents with an all time comment.

That’s not appropriate.

I had to do a double take when I got the notification for that one. She really just called Rayla a house n word. This is what happens when a white woman who clearly has had limited interactions with black people, becomes convinced that Monica Cannon-Grant is the voice of all black people. She basically said verbatim what Monica said in that video. This is the kind of hateful influence MCG has. Leslie is just too dumb to understand that paying reparations to Monica doesn’t give her the right to use the n word like that. Only Monica can call black women racial slurs.

She must’ve realized this was a mistake because she edited it from the really bad n word to the kind of bad but not as bad n word.

Yea, that definitely makes it better.

By the time I refreshed the comments were gone, so she must’ve realized how badly she screwed up. Since she made the post she’s taken down pretty much everything on her page, but it was your typical white guilt virtual signaling nonsense.

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts were made aware of the things she posted and made an announcement disavowing her.

Just kidding, they went with the “she was hacked” card instead.

For the record, before Leslie deleted I clicked on her profile and got all of those screenshots, including the stuff about me, her entire bio, and this rant about how the cast of Hamilton is racist, despite being almost entirely black and as woke as you can possibly get.

Unfortunately for her screenshots are forever.

These images are not fake. They are quite real and the actual thoughts of a very racist person. Instead of distancing themselves from her the Young Democrats of Massachusetts are embracing her and claiming that a fake account that mirrors hers completely randomly showed up on my page and said the kind of things that people of her ilk have been known to say. You cannot do anything wrong in this country if you are a democrat.

Maybe instead of trying to police the Internet of racism people like Leslie should focus on not being racist instead. Just a thought.

Rayla Campbell joined the show tonight to talk about it all. Click here to subscribe to our channel.





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