Boston Cop Arrested For Assaulting Brother At Funeral Home Previously Knelt To BLM Mob, Made $85K Detail Pay In 2019


Boston Police Officer James Kenneally was arrested and charged last week with misdemeanor assault and battery after assaulting his own brother at a funeral home the day after their father died.

This is interesting because assault and battery on a family member would be considered a domestic violence charge, and carries stiffer punishments. Brothers are traditionally considered family members, even if you don’t like them.  I don’t know all the details about this event, but if the Boston Police are arresting one of their own it must’ve been very obvious he was at fault.

This was James Kenneally in June of 2020, bowing down to a mob of communist rioters demanding that the Boston Police be defunded.

Do the cops who did this all across the country feel dumb when they look back at it? They should. It was one of the most gutless and pathetic moves I’ve ever seen. I still can’t believe they did it. And for what? To appease a Monica Cannon-Grant inspired mob who hates you no matter what you do?

Kenneally also must be doing something shady with his details, because in 2019 he made over $85K in detail pay alone, on top of his $98K base salary.

How does a full time cop have time to work $85K wort of details? Has this been audited? If he did 40 hours worth of details a week at $40 an hour he still wouldn’t be making $85K in a year. There is no mathematical way possible he could’ve done that much detail work on top of his normal duties, never mind the extra $15,819 he made in overtime.

But I guess when you kneel to BLM mobs and you get your Fauci ouchie then the media stops asking questions and you get a mulligan on domestic violence and potential overtime fraud.


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