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Boston Globe Claims Trump Supporter In Swampscott Dressed In Blackface While Holding Racist Sign, Turns Out It Was BLM Troll Steve Schaffer 


In today’s episode of “Boston Globe pushes completely made up fake news story in order to generalize conservatives as racist,” I bring you this headline out of Swampscott.

Uhoh! A Klansmen in blackface with a confederate flag holding a “n words for Dianna Ploss” sign? Must be Trump’s fault. As a matter of fact, that was the insinuation the Globe made by calling whoever did this a Trump supporter and immediately associating them with Dianna Ploss, who is in fact a joke.

The story had its desired effect.

Uh muh God! Muh racism!!

But yet they didn’t put any pictures in their story. Don’t worry though, I still believe in journalism so I went and found them myself.

Except there’s just two problems.

1. He was on the BLM side.

2. The guy in blackface is Asian man Steve Schafer.

Steve is the JV version of semi-professional troll Michael Picard from Connecticut, and the two of them basically stalk and harass two women – Dianna Ploss and Rayla Campbell. They dress up as caricatures of racist redneck Trump supporters and try to mess with them by getting them to say racist things in a bootleg version of Borat.

At the beginning of this video Schafer is wearing overalls and can be heard saying “we’re here for the Rayla gang bang.”

So yea, the Globe fell for the most obvious troll job in the world. Schafer is a left wing provocateur who hates conservatives. If Globe reporter Arianna MacNeill did even the most basic amount of research for her story she would’ve discovered this.

But she didn’t, because once you start working for the Globe the narrative becomes more important than the truth. Kind of like how she blindly took the word of a BLM supporter who said that their side peacefully held signs and did not engage with Trump supporters.

Except Steve Schafer was on their side, and this is what their supporters were doing during the protest.

Antifa boots and skateboards. I know what it’s like to hate my stepdad too ladies.

Now here’s the Trump people.

God bless America, particularly the MILF on the left. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go take a cold shower and call it a night. My work is done here.


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