Boston Globe Columnist: I Wish I Urinated In Customer’s Food Because I Disagreed With His Politics


There’s two main way that Trump Derangement Syndrome can be manifested:

  1. In the form of whining and perpetual victimhood; i.e. “As an intersectional disabled transgender midget of color, Trump has hurt me by doing xyz.”
  2. In the form of aggressive, threatening, hardo tweeting in order to look like a bad ass and get some retweets.

The Boston Globe’s Luke O’Neil is the latter.

As you can see, he’s every guy who wants to talk to you about his favorite craft beer and indie punk rock bands you have no desire to hear about. Obviously then he was the chosen opinion columnist the Globe called on to write about Kirstjen Nielsen resigning as Trump’s evil henchwoman of immigration policy. Keep in mind that this is a newspaper whose slogan is “a higher bar” for journalism. The same newspaper who last year went after WEEI’s advertisers because Christian Fauria did an Asian accent on the air while pretending to be Tom Brady’s agent. According to editor Shirley Leung, “It’s time to force a change.”

And she did so by going into activist mode and calling WEEI advertisers, pressuring them to drop WEEI unless they gave into the Globe’s demands for meaningless sensitivity training and the ouster of Kirk Minihane from the top rated morning show in New England.

However, Luke O’Neil shouldn’t be judged because he looks like the guy who will stab you outside of a Korn concert because you looked at the door knocker hanging from his nose for too long:

If he works for the Globe he has to be professional and dignified, because there’s no way on earth they’d ever publish someone who peddles “cheap and vile shock.”


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The column can basically be summed up as follows:

  • Everyone who worked for Trump is a Nazi
  • Nazis are terrible people
  • Citizens should harass and intimidate these Nazis in public to the point where they have no choice but to sit in their house and order takeout every night
  • Anyone on the left who suggests that this is not an effective tactic at winning hearts and minds from the right is complicit with the Nazis

It got off to a strong start with the first sentence:

Oh good, the Boston Globe is promoting urging waiters to urinate in the food they serve to conservatives. If that’s not a “higher bar,” I don’t know what is. The best part is that Ms. Offended tweeted the link out from her blue checkmarked account:

So it’s not just some columnist going off the rail. It’s the editor endorsing it on her platform.

The ironic part here is that Bill Kristol is someone that every conservative below the age of 40 laughs at now, as he’s still trying to get right wingers to jump into his “Never Trump” lifeboat. He’s one of those old neocons who kept himself relevant by proving to the left that he’s one of the “good ones” via constantly bashing Trump. Him and Ana Navarro do brunch every Sunday.

But wait, it gets better.

The Globe must’ve gotten a ton of blowback from all around the country for this hot take on “civility,” because without consulting with Luke O’Neil they changed it from “pissing” on Bill Kristol’s food to…..

Defiling it. According to the Internet defiling can be defined as, “to violate the chastity of (a woman).” So taking away the fish’s innocence before serving it is “a higher bar” for the Globe than urinating on it. 

A real newspaper would issue an editor’s note explaining why they made this decision, but the Globe isn’t a real newspaper so they chose not to. As if readers wouldn’t notice and they somehow wouldn’t look worse by doing so.

Finally, late last night they issued a third version of the first sentence with an editor’s note:

“Did not meet Globe standards.”


She’s an editor. Her job is to decide if columns fit the standards before publishing. Not only did she choose to publish it, she then used her Twitter account to promote it. It obviously met Globe standards, because Globe standards do not exist. They are interchangeable based on the wokeness of the columnist.

Don’t worry thought, they kept in the important parts about physically attacking private citizens over politics, and demeaning people who don’t live within 100 miles of the ocean.

Who could’ve possibly seen this coming though? It’s not like a quick look at this guy’s twitter account shows him disparaging the mentally delayed.

Or urging people to physically assault other citizens who happen to have different political opinions.

Or simply look like someone who might grow up to be someone you disagree with.

Or urge gun owners to murder people.

Or use shock jock techniques in order to grow readership.

(LOL, at him referring to the Globe as “one nerd place” and them hiring him anyway)

I wonder what his thoughts were when John McCain died.

Your move Trump!

I know the Globe hates racism too, and wouldn’t stand for someone who made racially charged jokes on social media.

He was loving the fame because he’s a Type 2 TDS patient. He gets off on taunting all the right wingers who were mad at him, and embraced the ratio because he’s essentially a shock jock troll who the Globe presents to the public as a columnist. Then the Globe completely neutered his first sentence and the next thing you know…..

If you’re counting at home, that’s now 2 Globe columnists who currently have private Twitter accounts – Luke O’Neil and Kevin Cullen. The idea that ANY journalist would want to keep their verified accounts “private” so that “only” 36,500 people can see it, is so Globey it hurts. Think about it. These people are paid to be public figures, which is why they get the blue checkmarks in the first place, and yet they’re hiding form the public (which is so dumb because you still have enough followers to fill up Fenway Park). If you make your account private at any time then you should surrender your blue checkmark for ever, because you’re no longer a public figure.

Then again, Luke O’Neil is one of those guys who felt the need to go public with the news that he could no longer root for the Patriots due to the fact that Tom Brady golfed with Trump before. So he’ll probably get a raise.


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