Boston Globe Patriots Reporter Ben Volin Reported Made Up Story Fed To Him By Twitter Troll That Mac Jones Is Jealous Of Bailey Zappe 


This is Boston Globe sports reporter Ben Volin, who covers the Patriots.

They call him Trollin Volin because of his tendency to share stupid opinions on Twitter about sports and politics that end up getting him ratioed.


Like most of the sports media in Boston he’s more into stirring up drama than he is actually covering the team. Earlier in the week he started pushing the narrative that Mac Jones isn’t well liked in Foxborough because he’s a cocky drama queen who “needs to be humbled.”

Since Bailey Zappe has looked decent in consecutive winning games against crappy teams the media has been pushing a fake narrative about a quarterback controversy in New England. There isn’t one. Bailey Zappe is doing fine, but when Mac is healthy he’s the quarterback. He’ll just be on a shorter leash this time if he keeps throwing bad interceptions.

But the problem Trollin Volin had is that he’s got no SAUCES! Today he went on the Greg Hill Morning Show, and the 12 people listening to it heard him make the alarming claim that a source reached out to him on Twitter and told him that Mac Jones’ attitude is a locker room problem and everyone knows it.

Chris Curtis: “Someone that would know agreed and endorsed your belief that Mac Jones was in serious need of an attitude adjustment?”

Trollin Volin: “Yes, that’s true.”

Notice how he stuttered and couldn’t say where his source was from. Just “someone that would know.” And we should trust Volin because he works for a newspaper and has a blue checkmark. He’d never just make something up. Of course none of the 3 hosts pressed him about this, except to make a couple jokes about how the “streets are talking.” There’s a guy named Kirk Minihane who used to be on at that time on WEEI who probably would’ve asked him why anyone should believe him, but asking questions like that caused ratings to get too high so WEEI got rid of him.

Except there’s just one problem – Volin’s source was some random guy on Twitter with less than 100 followers named Nolan, and he had the receipts to show that he was just fucking with Volin.

I don’t know what the least believable part of that tip was:

  • That it came from a guy he doesn’t know, who heard it from an unnamed guy he doesn’t know, who allegedly works in season ticket sales and thus would have no idea about Mac Jones drama in the locker room
  • That Mac Jones, a second year quarterback who has accomplished almost nothing, would have a “camp”
  • The fact that he used #haters and Volin took him seriously
  • The fact that he works for the Boston Globe and has #Standwithwomen in his Twitter bio, despite the fact that Globe executives sexually harassed dozens of women and paid no price for it

Then again, this is the same newspaper that still employs Kevin Cullen, 4 years after he got caught making up a story about being at the Boston Marathon bombing and having a special relationship with a 9 year old girl who got her legs blown off. Making shit up is just what they do, so he has a 0.0% chance of facing repercussions for this.

In fairness, this might not be the tip that Volin was referencing. It just happens to say the exact same thing Volin repeated on the air, and until he can say who his sources is we’ll have to assume it was Nolan from Twitter.


I get messages like that in the inbox every day. As you know if you’ve ever messaged us, I won’t even consider writing about your story idea if you don’t come with evidence. Because unlike Ben Volin, I don’t wanna look like an idiot who makes shit up to go along with my narrative. I won’t reveal sources, but I need to know for my own standards that what you’re telling me is the truth. Unlike the Globe, Turtleboy’s reputation means something to me. I’ve turned down thousands of potential stories that sounded interesting to write about because I couldn’t confirm with 100% certainty that the tip was accurate. This is why I’ll never be able to get a job at the Globe.

Ironically Barstool Sports wrote a blog earlier calling Volin out for this:

This is the same website that did more than anyone to perpetuate Adam Jones’s lie that he was called the n word at Fenway Park, which also was a completely unsubstantiated second hand story.


They literally published a blog from something called Zonker, that crapped on Kirk Minihane.

Meanwhile, Girl Boss afternoon radio host Meghan Ottolini went on the air today and said that she couldn’t believe he’d make something up like this because the Globe has “high standards for accuracy.”

No, they don’t actually. And you perpetuating that nonsense is exactly why no one listens to WEEI or read the Globe anymore.

Whenever I’m on the road I always listen to sports radio in whatever city I’m in because I like to hear what their fans complain about their teams over. In every other market they complain about the product on the field, but in Boston we get people like Ben Volin who stir up drama off the field where it doesn’t exist.


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