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Boston Globe Wrongly Reports “This Is MAGA Country” Graffiti Hate Crime At Jewish Fall River Cemetery


The other day an alleged hate crime occurred at a Jewish cemetery in Fall River and the media was quick to blame it on MAGA supporters once again.

If your immediate reaction to this isn’t “This has to be fake,” then you’re obviously not paying attention. I guarantee whoever did this is either:

  1. Someone looking to make Trump look bad
  2. Some stupid punk teenager looking to get a rise out of people

Both are bad, but neither are Trump’s fault.

You would think that “This is MAGA country” would be a red flag considering this was the exact same phrase Jussie Smollett used in the fake hate crime heard round the world. I personally thought this was unreal so I went and got my hands on the police report, and as it turns out “This is MAGA country” was a complete lie fabricated by the Boston Globe, WBZ, and other mainstream media fake news outlets.

So there was anti-semitic vandalism – “oy vey, ethnic cleaning, Jew bastard, kike, swastikas” – that sort of thing. But there was no “This is MAGA country.” The Boston Globe literally just made that up and everyone else ran with it.

The media made this up because it fits their narrative that Trump is inspiring anti-semitic hate crimes. Which makes tons of sense because his grandkids are Jewish, his daughter is Jewish, he’s 1,000% pro-Israel, and he’s never said anything remotely anti-semitic.

Never mind the fact that it’s the democrats who have multiple house members who have said blatantly anti-semitic things, but have still been embraced by the party. Never mind the fact that when given the option to vote on a resolution to condemn Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitism they chose not to, and instead voted on a watered down farce that condemned all hate and didn’t specifically name her. We’ll just ignore those facts and pretend that Trump inspired this.

They will never, ever, ever learn. The media is pure evil. They lie to your face and hope you’re too stupid to question them. And those who do question them are labeled as conspiracy theorists and deplatformed on social media. The media exists to divide us and cause animosity. They are the enemy of the people and should be labeled as such.


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