Boston Globe’s Shirley Leung Accuses Patriots Of Looking The Other Way On Antonio Brown Despite Globe Looking The Other Way On Sexual Harassment For Decades


The Boston Globe’s Shirley Leung has chimed in on the Patriots allowing an employee who hasn’t been criminally charged with a crime to continue to come to work every day.

Antonio Brown has not been charged with rape. He is being sued in civil court instead of alerting the police, which isn’t something real rape victims often do. The alleged victim was sexually assaulted by him twice in a three week period, but elected to maintain contact with him and went out for drinks with him, then came back to his house where she claims she was sexually assaulted for a third time. I realized that women in abusive relationships often have hard times leaving, but these two were not in a relationship, and video evidence suggests that they were friends with benefits. It also just so happens that Antonio Brown recently signed a $15 million contract from the Patriots, which would certainly provide a financial incentive for someone to lie about something like this.

Just a reminder that the Globe invented looking the other way on allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Yet Shirley seems to see no irony and no hypocrisy in accusing the Patriots of “looking the other way,” because they’re not suspending a player who hasn’t been charged with a crime. Shirley Leung is a cartoon character at this point. I’m not even sure if she’s human. Normal human beings take note of ratios like this, which she gets on almost every column she tweets out.

The lack of self-awareness never seems to disappoint. Most people would see a ratio like that and ask themselves, “Could I possibly be wrong?”

A cartoon character like Shirley Leung insulates herself in the world of the Boston Globe and tells herself, “No, they’re all wrong.” Because Globe hacks always have each other’s backs:

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Don’t worry Shirley, the most unliked journalist in the history of mankind has your back. The same guy who privately tells people that he doesn’t believe Adam Jones was called a racial slur at Fenway Park in 2017, but publicly pretends that he does believe it because he’s a company man that allows his bosses to dictate the opinions he expresses publicly. At least you’ve got that going for you.


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