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Boston Healthcare Workers Who Told Us To Stay Home For Them Join Mob Of 50,000 To Protest Death Of Stranger


When the pandemic first broke out we were inundated with pictures like this.

In order to “flatten the curve,” and not overcrowd hospitals people gave up their jobs and businesses. They were forced to stay at home because interacting with each other would cause the virus to spread. Kids couldn’t let out kids have playdates, they cancelled school, they ruined one of the most memorable years for high school seniors that they’ll never get back, people had to work remotely but couldn’t get childcare so had to do both at the same time, they cancelled sports, we couldn’t do anything normal like go to the gym or get a haircut, and we even gave up our right to protest because protesting was “not essential.”

We did it all for them.

And then we were repaid with this last night at the Boston riots.

Get over yourselves.

The nerve of these elitist narcissists. They told us to stay at home and give up our lives for months, and they respond by joining a mob of tens of thousands of people because a guy in Minnesota was killed by a bad cop.

And I can’t go to the gym? We have Karens on Facebook calling the cops on people because they saw 4 kids in Sutton playing together. We have people getting arrested for going to the beach. We can’t go to Celtics games. We couldn’t golf!

But we can let 50,000 virtue signaling simpletons and rioters stand shoulder to shoulder for hours at a time because they’re pretending to be sad about a guy in Minnesota who was one of thousands of people murdered this year?

Nah. I’m gonna do whatever I want now instead. Everyone should. It’s outrageous that the government thinks they can encourage protests like this after telling us to stay home. And they did encourage this. At no point did any elected leader say, “I know you’re upset, but we can’t let you violate social distancing guidelines. We’re all in this together.”

It’s what they said to us, and it worked.

We had to miss wakes, funerals, graduations, surgeries, family vacations, weddings, and other priceless memories they’ll never get back. Things that make us whole. Things that make life worth living.

And the second a guy gets killed in Minnesota and these people who want to feel good about themselves and maybe burn down some businesses, they’re allowed to pretend that there’s no pandemic.

You can’t memorialize your own dead, but they can pretend to memorialize a stranger.

If getting together in a group of 10 is dangerous and could exponentially spread the virus, how much more catastrophic must it be for groups of 50,000 people to assemble all across the country? If Karen freaked out over you letting your kids have a playdate just imagine what she’s going through watching those protests.

But of course Karen isn’t freaking out because she never actually believed it. She just enjoyed the fact that being a c*** was encouraged for the first time in her life.

Matt Walsh put together a bunch of articles condemning anti-lockdown protests that were much smaller than the ones for George Floyd. It’s amazing to compare the way they were treated to protesters today by the media.

I will never, ever take anyone seriously again who talks to me about social distancing. Open everything up at full capacity now. Social justice warriors shouldn’t have more rights than the rest of the world.


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