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Boston Herald Reporter Steals Story About Babson Professor’s Controversial Facebook Post From TD Baily News Without Attribution


Yesterday we published a blog about Babson College professor Asheen Phansey, after he posted on Facebook his desire for the Ayatollah to bomb 52 American cultural sites, in order to own Trump or something.

His page was private, so we only were able to get those screenshots via a source from his friends list because TB Daily News has the best anonymous sources in the media. The blog got a lot of attention on Twitter and Facebook, and several people contacted the school to voice their concern. This tweet has nearly 1,000 retweets and a call to action.

Our Facebook posts on three different pages also have hundreds of shares.

When I saw the Boston Herald wrote about it today I figured they cited us, since we broke the story.


But of course they didn’t. I’ll still cite them here, because unlike the Herald we have journalistic standards and always cite any source we reference in a blog.

I’m shocked Babson took any action. Normally urging a hostile Islamic country to attack the United States in order to own Trump would be praised at most colleges. But I guess being an adjunct professor makes it easier for a school to give you a paid vacation until the heat dies down.

What I’m furious about once again is the mainstream media stealing our work. Let’s be clear – Professor Ayatollah took this down because we wrote about it. Prior to this people had called him out for it on his page and he still refused to take it down. Then the story blew up (no pun intended), and this “reporter” Alexi Iafrato read it and decided that she was going to pretend that she was the one breaking the story.

This is the kind of “reporter” we are dealing with here:

Feel free to reach out to her on Twitter or Facebook or via email at [email protected] She’s a “professional” after all.

In my opinion, this woman has her job because she’s young and attractive. She clearly has no ethics or talent, but she can stand in front of a microphone and give you the most basic assessment of the Patriots (they lost to the Dolphins, and Ryan Tannehill used to play for them), so she gets a job at the Herald.

Here she is ironically complaining that women aren’t being given credit for their own accomplishments.

Isn’t that the worst Alexi?

I know as a fact that the Herald saw our story because this guy says he sent it to them.

Am I happy this professor was exposed by a “major” newspaper? Sure. And I do appreciate the effort on the part of Brian, so thank you for that. However, this is the kind of story that has the ability to become a much bigger story that Fox News or Breitbart picks up on. It’s right wing red meat. And when they do, they will cite a source, and that source will now be the Boston Herald because Alexi Iafrato didn’t cite us, and her editors didn’t make her. She passed this story off as if she came upon it on “social media,” when in fact it was published on a well known website responsible for taking down the highest ranking hacks in the Massachusetts State Police.

Another source tells us that Kim Bookman from 7 News is messaging people on Facebook looking for the name of the professor as well.

I have emailed Kimberly about this story and would hope she would cite her sources. That screenshot is the intellectual property of TB Daily News.

And now that Steve Robinson no longer produces for Howie it appears as if he’s out of the loop too.

Who wants to tell him?

Oh, and if you want further proof what a unqualified stooge this girl is, here she is retweeting Bill Pulte:

Bill Pulte is a data mining scam artist who pretends to be giving away millions of dollars on social media so that pathetic, desperate people will follow and retweet him in the vain hope that he will throw some scraps their way. The fact that this woman has a job is why the Boston Herald has become such a joke.


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