Boston Kindergarten Teacher Mark Johnson Calls Parents To Tell Them He Is Refusing To Return To Classroom As Mandated Due To Fear Of Coronavirus


Mark Johnson is a Kindergarten teacher at Blackstone Elementary School in Boston.

He’s a self described “equity, social justice, and anti bias” educator, for 5 years olds.

Which will come in handy when a kid tells him that they wet their pants.

As we’ve seen from parent testimonials, “remote learning” is child abuse. It’s also a racist practice that disproportionately affects students from low income families, as well as children of color. This appears to be something that Mark recognized based on a retweet.

But a month before that he stated that teachers being forced to go to work and do the job they’re paid to do is white supremacy and systemic racism, because black kids are dying from COVID.

Except they’re not. He’s just making that up. No black children, or any children in Massachusetts, have died from COVID. He just got used to not having a commute.

Mark fully admitted in the spring that remote learning wasn’t a real education.

So he understands the importance of being in school. He also teaches kindergarten, which needs to be back in school more than any other grade. As a parent of a 5 year old it pains me to see my daughter not have the ability make friends, and get frustrated from staring at a chrome book for 3 hours a day while I try to balance being a babysitter and running a business. But Mark claims he’s able to educated children like my daughter effectively on Zoom.

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Yea, great, you taught them what a triangle was. Awesome. But the fact of the matter is they’re 5, and what they need more than anything is interaction with kids their age. Not his problem though. As he points out, he’s getting paid either way.

Unfortunately the Boston Teacher’s Union is suing the school district because they have to (gasp) go back to work like every other person in this country. Their irrational fear of a virus that was unable to kill our obese elderly President comes before your child’s right to an education.

Even though Mark is young, healthy, and not even remotely close to being at risk from dying from COVID, he’s calling up all the parents of his students to tell them that he fears being near their kids and won’t be going to school to teach them, which he’s required to do on Tuesday.

That parent never said that. The vast majority of kindgergarten parents want their kids in school because they have jobs that they’ve had to quit or take time off from. No parent would ever say, “muh 4% positive rate,” as a reason to deprive their child of an education. He literally just made that up, as well as these anecdotes.

“It’s not about me or the inconvenience.”

This is what he thinks parents having to quit their jobs to become babysitters while he gets paid is – an inconvenience.

He also made up the part about the parent telling him that they were worried that poor Mark would die if he went back to school. Mark Kindergarten isn’t about you, it’s about your students. Kindly shut up and teach the alphabet.

Guess how many students he’d have to see in class this week?

Three. The other 15 are remote.

His school is fully air conditioned with up to date ventilation systems, but yet here he is whining that the windows don’t open up enough.

He also threw his custodial staff under the bus by claiming that he found a rotted out apple in his classroom, but he totally wasn’t taking shots at the custodial staff that somehow missed this rotting apple in an empty school for 7 months.

He claims to miss his classroom.

Just not enough to go back to work.

He also started a fundraiser to raise money for kids when they return to school called “Remote or Face-to-Face, We’re ready to Learn,” which has raised over $700.

But yet now he is refusing to go into the school, so he should probably return that money. I guess he hasn’t stolen enough from the taxpayers yet and wanted to hit them up one more time.

Despite being petrified of the virus he still participated in Monica Cannon-Grant’s 50K person super spreader march through Boston in June. He took that tweet down because he probably realized that he looks like a huge hypocrite, but the archive is still on Facebook.

Meanwhile he’s whining that he’s being “threatened” and “intimidated” because his bosses are telling him to go to work.

He’s bragging about how the 5 year olds he’s too much of a coward to stand in front of are telling him to like and subscribe to their channels.

He’s whining about how hard his job is working remotely, while defying his employer.

He often shares images of his students on social media, with no mention of asking their parents, showing things they can no longer do because he won’t return to school.

And then there’s his online activism. Mark has repeatedly expressed support for Jacob Blake, a well known rapist who once digitally penetrated the mother of his children while she was sleeping, sniffed his fingers and said, “smells like you’ve been with other men.”

He supports a rapist who later went on to attempt to kidnap his rape victim’s children in a stolen car before a brave police officer shot that rapist in the back several times. Nice guy.

He is planning on introducing literature into his class this year written by wealthy, racist BU professor Ibram Kendi.

Two weeks ago Kendi accused future SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett of being a white colonizer because she adopted two Haitian orphans who lost their parents in an earthquake, and said that she was using them as “props in their lifelong pictures of denial while cutting the biological parents out of the picture of humanity.”

He also supports Monica Cannon-Grant.

And homeless black trans women fundraisers that made close to $3 million.

And he hates cops.

And likes riots.

And is ashamed to be a teacher.

Don’t worry Mark, all self respecting teachers are ashamed of you too


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