Boston Landscaping Company Refuses To Service Long Time Client Due To Thin Blue Line Yard Sign That “Speaks Against The Lives” Of His Black Employees


Nickolas Dejarnette is the owner of P.A (Professionally Affordable) Landscaping & Home Improvement LLC in Boston.

A long time customer who retained his company’s services over the summer and tipped him well, recently put up this sign in their yard to show their support for murdered police officers.

One day he stopped showing up without an explanation so the customer contacted him to find out why. He explained to her that his company has a strict policy of refusing service to anyone who supports the families of murdered police officers.

The sign does not “speak against the lives and existence” of black people. Just because you say the sign suggests that does not make it so. You’re running a business, and it is your job to mow lawns and trim bushes. You’re not on the front lines for social justice, you’re a glorified lawn mower. If your employees are so simple minded and weak that they interpret the sign as saying that you are free to fire them, as any responsible owner would do. Most Americans support their local police department and see nothing wrong with a sign like this. Many of his current customers likely feel the same way, but since they don’t have a sign in their yard he will continue to take their money without knowing. He has appointed himself the thought police, when in fact it is his job to mow lawns and mulch shrubbery. He’s just not nearly as important as he thinks he is.

That sign speaks for the lives of murdered police officers and and current police officers who have been unfairly maligned due to the actions of a rogue cop in Minnesota. This man accepted this woman’s money for years and suddenly is too good for it because she doesn’t like the idea of fathers and mothers being gunned down simply because they wear blue to work.

We need to take a stand when we see people like this redefining symbols and then banning those symbols because they suddenly deem them to be offensive. They did it with the OK sign, phrases like “all lives matter,” and now the thin blue line. If your company wants to make a public stand and let the world know that you have a problem with honoring people like Michael Chesna, Sean Gannon, and Ron Tarentino, then you deserve every bit of criticism you get from the public.


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