Boston Mayor Kim Janey Photographed On Instagram Without Mask On At North End Restaurant On First Day Of Indoor Mask Mandate


Boston Mayor Kim Janey reinstated an indoor mask mandate starting today for absolutely no reason. But tonight she went out to eat at Arya Trattoria in the North End, and was photographed with their owner without a mask on.

She must’ve learned it from watching her predecessor Marty Walsh, who we first reported in September was seen maskless at a wedding after imposing a similar mandate.

He later updated his story once he got blowback.

But this is example 10,000 of politicians ignoring their own COVID mandates, which is exactly why you’d be a sucker to follow them. No one telling you to be scared of coronavirus is actually scared of coronavirus. These people aren’t hypocrites, they’re communists. And this is what communists do – create rules for peasants that they nobody expects them to follow. You are not living in a communist country. You are living in a place where men and women were born free. Start acting like it.


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