Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Bans Protesting Outside Her House Despite Previously Blockading Public Roads And Protesting Outside Governor Baker’s House For Climate Change


For the last two months protesters have been gathering outside Mayor Michelle Wu’s house in Roslindale every morning to voice their displeasure with the vaccine mandate she’s attempting (and failing) to implement with Boston workers and businesses. Their behavior and language has been quite cheeky:

But then again, this is a woman who is attempting to force something into people’s bodies against their will. A woman who’s actively engaging in child abuse by forcing other people’s children to wear masks 7 hours a day at school. Elected officials should feel uncomfortable when they do that. They feel WAY too comfortable talking to us the way they are, and calling us grandma killers because we won’t sit quietly and allow them to do this to our children. And for that reason I fully support these protests.

But now Michelle Wu is attempting to ban the protests outside of her house, and is hiding behind her neighbors as an excuse.

Mayor Michelle Wu, whose home has been the scene of anti-vaccine mandate protests, is trying to ban protesters from demonstrating at her house in the early morning. The mayor on Monday filed an “Ordinance Regarding Targeted Residential Picketing” — which would bar picketing, protesting or demonstrating outside a particular residence between the hours of 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. Wu’s neighbors have woken up to early morning protests during the last couple of months, as loud protesters demonstrate against the city’s coronavirus vaccine mandate. The ordinance puts restrictions from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. “to protect those early morning hours and late night hours that are really valuable for sleep, and your health, and well-being, and that sense of having the peacefulness of your home,” Wu said on WBUR.

“It’s something that my neighbors have lost for nearly 9 weeks now with almost daily 7 a.m. protests on our street,” she added.

Violators of the protest ordinance could face fines. A first violation would be a $100 fine, followed by a $200 fine for the second offense, and $300 for the third and subsequent offense.

Funny, last month she was Little Miss Badass, bragging about how the protesters have convinced her that she’s doing the right thing.

Now all of a sudden she’s scared of them.

If Michelle Wu cared about her neighbors and wanted the protests to end then she could just end her ridiculous mandate. When you live next door to a tyrant your property value is going to decrease, and I’m quite certain most people in this neighborhood voted for her anyway. She’s choosing to do something extremely controversial that infringes on the rights of others and now she can’t deal with the blowback.

Boo-hoo Wu.

There is a catch though:

The proposed ordinance would not affect marches or protests passing through residential areas that are not targeted at a particular home.

Define “passing through.” Seems to me as long as you’re walking in a circle anywhere you can call it a march.

Funny though, because Michelle Wu didn’t have a problem with taking part in an illegal blockade of a bridge into South Boston in 2019 to protest climate change.

This protest prevented residents of South Boston from getting home as communists commandeered a public roadway and sang songs in order to protest the weather.

The only residents of Boston who deserve peace and quiet are those who live in her neighborhood in Roslindale.

Her racist Communications Director Jessica Pierre also has experience shutting down major highways:

It’s OK though, because nothing is more important than protesting police and stopping climate change. It’s an emergency, so the normal rules of decorum and civility no longer apply. That’s why when a communist group called Sunrise Movement Boston protested outside of Charlie Baker’s home in Swampscott, she voiced her support.

But his neighbors don’t matter as much as hers because her protesters are promoting to stop climate change. It’s an emergency!

She’s also participated in massive BLM protests that evolved into riots that destroyed neighborhoods and communities. Here she is tweeting her support for a group called “F*** the Police Boston.”

She took issue with Cambridge cancelling the Caribbean festival in 2019 after gun violence broke out, because gun violence is how you “celebrate culture and unity” in neighborhoods.

Peace and quiet is racist, except in Roslindale.

She seems to like protesters unless they’re protesting for something she doesn’t agree with, like people who think the lives of police officers matter.

Do you see how much these people hate you yet? Your mere presence to them is intimidating and leaves them “shaken.” But when 50,000 communists led by a racist, violent, criminal thug named Monica Cannon-Grant march through Boston neighborhoods, all of a sudden Michelle Wu is “proud” to be part of that mob.

The police will be the ones enforcing this new ordinance, just as they are now when they escort her to and from work in her city issued, gas guzzling SUV every morning.

But wait, Michelle Wu has stated many times that she wants to defund the police, and that their mere presence in front of protesters “sets a tone of tension and conflict for civilians.”

But once you realize that she considers the protesters outside of her house to be subhuman scum, this actually makes sense.



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