Boston Middle School Teacher Sends Out Faculty Email Urging BPS To Remain Closed Because Opening Schools Is Racist 


Kris Grymonpré is a science teacher at McCormack Middle School in Dorchester.

He really doesn’t want to go back to school, and he’s playing the card that never fails in order to make sure that never happens – the race card. Here’s an email he sent out to teachers explaining his reasoning.

TL;DR – commie cold is racist, therefore only white kids should get an education.

“We have to stop acting like this is anything normal. I fear that if we move forward without serious consideration towards safety, we are contributing to racist policies against a vulnerable population.”

I’ll tell you what’s not “normal.”

Five year olds sitting in front of a computer for 6 hours a day.

High school kids not being able to enjoy some of the most memorable years of their lives.

Kids being forced to draw pictures of themselves wearing masks.

Extra curricular clubs and activities being cancelled because a disease exists in the world that poses no threat whatsoever to children.

Ya know what is racist? A white teacher telling black and brown kids that they can’t go to school but white kids can because white kids are less susceptible to the virus. It’s also blatantly dishonest. Black people contract COVID at higher rates because they tend to live in more densely populated areas. They die at higher rates because due to a variety of socioeconomic factors they are more likely to have health conditions that make them susceptible. If you open the schools up for students everywhere then white people will start to spread it more and those numbers will begin to even out.

Regardless, we’re seeing a rapidly declining number of casualties from this silly virus, which really only presents a threat to the morbidly obese and elderly. They should take precautions and be very careful. Everyone else should be able to live their lives and choose to take the one in a million chance that they could die from COVID.

The most racist thing you can do is keep black and brown kids out of school. Studies have shown that it’s increasing the achievement gap because at risk students, which are disproportionately students of color, need essential services that can only be provided from in person instruction at higher rates. In his attempt to be woke Kris went full racist. Never go full racist. Open the schools, do your job, and stop whining about ventilation, HVAC systems, and shit you know nothing about.

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