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Boston Nurse Featured On GMA For Video Blogging From ICU Closet Says She’s Jealous Of People Who Lost Their Jobs, Wants You To Stay Home More


Today marks the 9 week anniversary of the day the world shut down, and we were all told that if we quarantined for two weeks that it would “flatten the curve” so that healthcare workers were not overloaded. We gave up our businesses, our jobs, our First and Second Amendment rights, and our liberty in order to make the lives easier for nurses and doctors, and we were happy to do it.

It’s been 9 weeks of sacrificing. Time is officially up and we’re not doing it anymore.

Nevertheless, the media, and by extension the left, want us to stay shutdown until election day. So they will continue to fear monger in order to keep us in our homes until then, as can be seen in this story that was featured on Good Morning America yesterday about a Boston nurse.

Diana Costine has been giving an inside look into what it’s like to be a nurse at Boston Medical Center during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the hospital’s medical supply closet to record, Costine has been keeping a video diary to document what it’s like to work inside the ICU. In a video shared by Good Morning America on Wednesday, a clip shows Costine dressed in scrubs, taking off her N95 respirator off to show indents on her face from wearing the mask.

“My face is killing me,” she said to the camera. “I think that skin on my nose there is about ready to burst open.”

In another clip, Costine revealed some of the struggles the hospital has been dealing with during the pandemic, including a lack of supplies such as PPE masks, hospital gowns, and gloves. At the end of April, Boston Medical’s ICU department reached capacity and ambulances had to be redirected and told to head to other facilities.

Costine had documented the moment when it happened.

“Right now we have no critical care beds in our hospital,” she said in her video. “We’ve been managing our COVID-19 patients down in the emergency department, which is obviously less than ideal for everyone involved. But, the hospital is trying to make more ICU beds and we’re moving people around.”

We get it – your job is hard. It’s tiring. It’s emotionally draining. You got crap on your face. You can barely find the time to hide in a closet every day and virtue signal into your cell phone. This video diary does not appear to be documented on Twitter or Facebook and thus could not have caught the attention of GMA producers by going viral. Yet it magically ended up in the hands of Good Morning America producers.


I could stomach these videos if they were intended to be informative, and let people know what was happening in hospitals. Although we kind of get the point by now – people are dying, there’s a lack of PPE, and it’s all Trump’s fault.

But they’re not shared to inform so much as they’re shared to push an agenda to guilt us all into staying home until they tell us we’re allowed to leave.

Having seen the impact and effects of the virus, she’s also been vocal about her own frustrations about those not taking social distancing seriously.

“I’m almost jealous of the people who don’t have to work in the hospital right now because they probably just have this ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude,” she said. “And even the ones who don’t have that attitude have no idea what we’re seeing.”

“It’s just been really difficult and it’s hard sometimes seeing people out and not following the protocol just staying at home or going out and they’re getting together. It’s frustrating as a nurse seeing this because you’re looking at them and you know, you just know, how bad this is going to get and how bad it is.”

With Governor Charlie Baker planning to reopen the state’s economy starting on May 18, some scientists warn that “it still feels too early” and rushing could lead to an increase in outbreaks. That would only place a greater demand on hospitals in Massachusetts, which have begun working together to share supplies, equipment, and staff.  

You’re jealous of the people who lost their jobs and businesses? You’re jealous that you’re being paid while other people still haven’t gotten their stimulus checks or PPP loans? You’re jealous of people who don’t have to do the job that you literally signed up to do because it’s so hard?

Get. Over. Yourself.

I’m sick of being told by people like this that we don’t understand what they’re going through, when they clearly don’t understand what we’re going through. Try owning a business that’s lost 50, 60, 75, or 100% of their profits due to closures or an economic slowdown. Try having two parents with jobs who are forced to work from home attempting to get work done with two little kids, one of who is potty training, who always need another refill of cranberry juice. If she has children they get to go to daycare, but mine can’t, because my kids can get and spread the virus but her’s somehow can’t.

I haven’t gotten together with any friends because I’ve sacrificed for people like Diana Costine, but I won’t do it any longer because time’s up. I don’t care if it bothers you seeing me living my life on your way home from work. We have thanked people like you time and time again, an instead of you returning the favor you tell us that we’re not doing enough.

Diana also was featured in 2014 on the ABC documentary NY Med, during which she cried because she had to decide whether or not she wanted to get a pacemaker.

Almost as if she really enjoys attention, drama, and seeks out the camera. As a commenter stated.

This poor nurse needs to do her research….Pacemaker/ Difibulator is a 100% life Saver…She acts like their going to do a Heart Transplant…She’ll Never have to worry about a Heart attack or stoppage Forever…its like carrying around a machine most offices, ambulances, schools have hanging on their walls for heart emergencies.

You’ll be OK.

I like nurses and I hate writing blogs about them. But please, just cut the shit. Show up to work, do your job, and stop telling people who have sacrificed for you that they’re not doing enough while demanding that they sacrifice even more because your job is so hard.


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