Boston Paramedics Harassed By YouTube “Blogger” For Dropping Plastic Cap In Elevator While Saving Drug Addict’s Life After Overdose 


Earlier in the week Boston paramedics were called to a building where a man had gone into cardiac arrest after an overdose. After thirty minutes of CPR they revived him, which is not the usual outcome. They then used the elevator to wheel him out to the ambulance and in the process they dropped two plastic bottle caps and a small piece of paper. While the patient was in the ambulance with tubes down his throat the first responders were approached by this man:

On Facebook he goes by Juan Hixx, and he’s a self proclaimed “blogger,” except he doesn’t have a blog. However, he does have a YouTube channel, and he was upset that in the process of saving a man’s life the medics had left small pieces of trash that he could easily pick up himself. So he decided to film himself harassing them, and has since reported them to Marty Walsh and the Governor’s office. Warning – this video is enraging.

Every day I say I can’t hate someone more than a person I’ve already blogged about, but then this fat, useless oxygen thief shows up out of nowhere to remind me how wrong I was.

The waddling bucket of diabetes berated first responders while they were attempting to save someone’s life because of this:

That’s the cleanest an elevator in a Boston housing project has ever been. If he was upset about it all he had to do was just pick it up. But he wanted to demean and harass human beings who just saved the life of another human being so that he could get YouTube subscribers. This is what he really wanted:

He wanted to demean this paramedic by making him pick up a plastic bottle and a paper wrapper, just so he could attempt to prove to his 14 subscribers that he somehow matters.

He dropped this line while outside:

“Yea well I’m busy too but y’all left something, with, what’s going on, you left something in the elevator. I live here. You left something that you worked…how serious is this going on? You left something in the elevator. One of y’all need to get that out of there. And I told y’all about it.”

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You’re busy too? They’re trying to save a life. You’re figuring out which dog filter you’re going to use on Snapchat.

This was the most mind boggling line from the video.

“You don’t tell me what to do, you’ll take care of it. I told one of y’all to take care of it then. This is real serious. I’m a blogger, this is going on YouTube.”

You can barely speak English, never mind write it. You don’t have a blog. You have an Obamaphone with the YouTube app. You don’t matter. They didn’t have to pick up that bottle cap, but they did. And instead of thanking them you continued to demean him on the way out.

“You worked on a patient who might die and you left that in my hallway. Does that make any sense dat dat was left? You can look at me all you want tough guy, what are you gonna do tough guy? Does that make any sense dude? Would you want that around your family?” 

The EMT worker has to be professional so he can’t tell this cholesterocerous that the day he chokes on a Twinkie and croaks will be a great day for the world. But I can. I hope the next time you have a heart attack, which could be any day now, the first responders who show up don’t treat you until you clean up the section 8 hellhole you call an apartment.

You can see the medic breathing for the man whose life they just saved inside the ambulance while the other medics were being harassed:

But Juan didn’t care because he was more concerned about the bottle cap in the elevator. Who cares if they distract first responders and potentially kill the man inside? He’s trying to get YouTube clout, which is way more important to him.

Most people who commented on his video agreed that the medics were somehow at fault here.

What’s a matter Dominique? Not getting enough praise for your desk job?

Want a cookie? You’ve had quite enough already.

The bottom line is that those paramedics should’ve been treated as heroes. They saved a man’s life. A man who lives in the projects and overdosed on drugs. They do it every day, but in this case they did it during an unprecedented public health epidemic that makes their jobs even harder. And instead of a thank you they were harassed and demeaned by a free loading maggot who the world is most definitely better off without.


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