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Boston Photographer Films Himself Berating And Harassing UMass Boston Cop, Claims Life Was in Danger And Was Racially Profiled


This is Shane DeAngelo “Soho” Clayton from Boston.

Proving that it’s not just white guys named Shane can be featured on Turtleboy.

Over the weekend he posted a video of himself being pulled over by what he claimed to be a UMass Boston cop who he refused to cooperate with because he told the cop that he didn’t have any right to pull him over. Shane then whined about it in this Hooked on Phonics sentagraph while invoking BLM, as if his life was somehow in danger.


UMass Boston is right around the corner from there, and I have no idea if this is considered on campus or not. I was under the assumption that they had state police powers, and if they see someone committing a traffic violation near campus they can pull them over. From what I heard on the video he’s describing a cop driving into work on I-93 who witnessed him making an illegal turn so he got pulled over. A normal person would speak to the cop like a normal person, but since victimhood is currency Shane went a different route, vowing to sue and demanding to see the officer’s supervisor (BLM’s version of asking to speak with the manager) while screaming “I DO NOT CONSENT TO NO SEARCH!!!”

Guys, if you ever get pulled over with drugs or unregistered guns just tell the cops you do not give no consent to no search. It’s just that simple.

Shane pretended to be scared despite clearly not being the least bit intimidated by the police, because he knows that his racial identity gives him victim status and he’s going to milk that all its worth. Of course it worked too.

Oh snap, he almost got George Floyded! How will he ever survive the this easily avoidable interaction in which no one was harmed and everything was his fault?

One of his friends called Robbin Hoods said that this was the “same stupidity that caused the MIT police officer to get killed by the marathon bomber.”

Sean Collier was sitting alone in his cop car when he was ambushed and murdered by the terrorists for his gun. Good comment Robbin.

Shane Deangelo Clayton is an aspiring photographer who runs a “business” where he takes pictures of babies and plus sized women wrapped in curtains.

He claims to have taken the photograph for Boston’s new Mayor Kim Janey too.

And knowing her stance on the police and race baiting this is entirely possible.

When he’s not begging people to pay him to take their pictures or filming himself crying during routine traffic stops you can find him driving around getting crunk, or posting about how he always keeps it 100.

The sad part is that this idiot will likely be taken seriously by people who matter, and the cop will be the bad guy for doing his job.


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