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Boston Prep Charter School Sends Email Calling Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict Racism, Vows To Train Kids To “Disrupt” The System As Lawyers, Politicians, Judges


This is Eileen Callahan, the Chief Academic Officer for Boston Prep Charter School.

She sent home this email to parents last Friday after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted:


I’ve never seen so much misinformation in one email.

  • Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t murder anyone. A jury that heard 3 weeks of testimony and deliberated for a week decided that.
  • The rioters he killed weren’t protesting against racism or police brutality. They were burning down a city they didn’t live in because the Governor allowed it to happen.
  • The man who sparked the riots, Jacob Blake, was a rapist who was shot while reaching for a knife and attempting to kidnap his rape victim’s children.
  • Justice doesn’t mean guilty verdicts, it means due process. Just because you didn’t like the outcome of a trial does not mean that justice wasn’t served.
  • Two white criminals being shot by a 17 year old in self defense while rioting is not racism.

This really said it all:


“We need to equip our students to be the lawyers, judges, politicians, systems reformers that was all need them to be in order to disrupt the systemically racist systems and policies that currently oppress the many and protect the privileged.”

Boston Prep is not a school, it’s a communist training ground where communists like Eileen Callahan prepare children to grow up and be foot soldiers for the communists. They don’t pretend to want to educate the children – she says in her own words that the school exists to train them to grow up, gain influential positions (such as lawyers, judges, politicians), and “disrupt” the system. The system where accused defendants are given due process. The system where people are legally allowed to defend themselves from communist pedophiles like Joe Rosenbaum, who raped 5 children and is supported by Boston Prep. Boston Prep is a pro-child rape, anti-due process school.

This is what I spoke about in yesterday’s blog – their goal isn’t to reform the current system, it’s to burn it to the ground and start a new one. And they need kids to do that. I will guarantee you right now that there is not a single person in the faculty that voted for Donald Trump or who believes that Rittenhouse should’ve gotten a trial at all. Just look at the requirements for job openings.

They force their faculty to read Ibram Kendi’s book How To Be An Anti-Racist, the manual for divisive and ridiculous communist brainwashing manual, written by a man who made millions of dollars off the death of George Floyd.

Never forget – Kendi needs racism to exist. He needs cops to kill black people. The second that ends he stops cashing checks.

They did a live stream fawning over Kamala Harris on inauguration day.


Kamala Harris is good because she supports the communist party. It doesn’t matter that she spent most of her career incarcerating people in her quest for power. She’s black, she’s a woman, and most importantly she is a communist. Therefore she is good now.

Here’s a gym teacher on their Facebook page stating that he only gets satisfaction from seeing black and brown kids strive and grow into young adults.

Now imagine a white teacher said the same thing about white students.

Here’s a girl on their Facebook page reading a book called “Black girls like me,” because race is the most important thing that defines you according to the communists who run Boston Prep.

On, and look who was a guest speaker at the school.

They welcomed State Rep Liz Miranda, who has made disparaging comments about those with special needs, posted countless racist tweets, threatened a pregnant abuse victim, and had sex with a domestic abuser in New Jersey who was not allowed to leave the state of Michigan as condition of his parole after 25 years of incarceration for murder.


The funniest part about this is that conservatives still support charter schools because they’re so blinded by their hatred for the teacher’s union. Newsflash – charter schools are even more radical than public schools. Unlike public schools they are not overseen by elected school committees. They apply for charters, which are given out by their communist friends. You’re not getting a charter school, they are. They receive more taxpayer money and effectively act as government funded private schools. They are run by opportunistic radicals like Eileen Callahan, who can pay themselves whatever salary they want, and they can openly brainwash kids for political purposes in ways that public schools wish they could. The next time you hear a conservative talk about “school choice” and the need for more charter schools just send them this article and remind them that this is what they are advocating for.


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