Boston Public Schools Teachers Urged By Union President To Wear Anti-Police Black Lives Matter Shirts 


Several Boston Public Schools teachers have contacted us about the “voluntary” participation they’re all being urged to take part in, as part of “black lives matter” week in the BPS. Black lives matter is arguably a terrorist organization, considering their methods of protest have involved rioting, destroying personal property, blockading highways, and chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.” It’s an organization that generalizes and stereotypes the police as racist killers, and instills fear in young children of color that the police are not to be trusted. At the McKinley School almost the entire faculty was wearing the shirts provided by the teacher’s union for black lives matter week, despite the fact that several of the things they’re protesting for work against both police and teachers.

The things they’re advocating for are all listed on the shirts.

“End zero tolerance.”

Translation – stop suspending kids who break the rules if they’re not white.

“Mandate black history.”

Schools already teacher black history. Slavery, the civil rights movement, the growth of Jim Crow – it’s all in the Massachusetts US History frameworks (standards). I know because I taught history for 11 years and hit on these topics pretty thoroughly. There is no shortage of black history being taught in public schools throughout the year.

“Hire more black teachers.”

Fun fact – black people by and large do not apply for teaching jobs. You cannot hire people who do not apply.

“Fund counselors, not cops.”

Translation – no more school resource officers building relationships with kids in school. Increase distrust for the police and teach kids that police are the enemy.

A few years back there was a big debate about in Worcester about whether or not to have cops in schools after several administrators and teachers at North High School were assaulted. SJWs resisted it because they believe cops are racist and kids will get arrested when they break the law in school, because for some reason the laws of society should stop existing inside a public school building.

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But the data shows that school resource officers are by and large a tremendous success. When kids start having positive interactions with law enforcement, and they can have casual conversations with the SRO every day, they start to view the police as human. This is exactly what BLM fears more than anything – humanizing the police. In 2015-16 arrests in the Worcester Public Schools were cut in half when SRO’s were placed in schools.

Almost as if the mere presence of a police officer would make a kid think twice about selling drugs or assaulting someone.

This is the graphic the Boston Teacher’s Union is using in their propaganda:

A white cop arresting a black kid, presumably for doing nothing. Great message to send to children.

The Boston Police actually stood up for themselves and sent a strongly worded letter to BTU president Jessica Tang.

He hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that if the cops used the slogan, “fund police, not teachers,” they’d rightfully be offended. It’s not an either/or situation.

I was in a teacher’s union, and I support the existence of teacher’s unions. But the fact of the matter is that they are run by social justice warriors who don’t represent the best interests of teachers. Every other union looks out for themselves, except for teachers. These initiatives they’re pushing for endanger teachers and students and make it harder to teach by keeping problem kids in the building when they should be suspended. Look at this quote from Tang:

“We believe counselors need to be a higher funding priority over theoretically increasing the number of police in schools,” Tang told School Committee members. “With limited budgets and cuts we believe adequate access to social-emotional well-being, restorative practices and other efforts are more effective than increasing police presence in our schools.”

“Restorative practices,” is code word for “keeping kids in school when they break rules that should result in suspension.” I can’t tell you how many times kids act up in class, disrespect the teacher, disrupt the learning environment for others, and get no punishment. Instead they go to talk about their feelings with the assistant principal and come back to the same class like nothing happened. That’s what “restorative justice” really means.

If you look at Tang’s Facebook page it’s clear that she’s just an activist who champions a bunch of left wing causes and rubs elbows with the squad.

Yet here she is on the first day of school giving kids a high five on their way in, standing directly behind 5-0.

But I thought cops in schools were bad? Weird.

She’s also sad about disgraced city councilor Chuck Turner dying.

“Rest in power.”

Chuck Turner is most famous for being arrested by the FBI for taking a bribe as a councilor from an undercover agent. She considers criminals powerful, but thinks kids should distrust police.

The bottom line is that teachers shouldn’t feel pressured into taking part in this, but they are. The reason teachers don’t get paid as much as other public servants is largely because their unions are run by activists like Jessica Tang who don’t advocate for policies that help teachers because they’re too busy playing social justice hero on a variety of issues that have nothing to do with teaching.


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