Boston Teacher Petrified To Go Back To School Sees Nothing Wrong With Going To Disease Free Casino, Says Kids Can Afford To Miss Months Worth Of School


Johanna Lynch Ozcivi is a teacher in Boston.

She’s petrified to get back into the classroom and do the job taxpayers pay her to do.

Plus, your kids don’t really NEED school.

A couple months here and there without an education is no biggie. It’s not like teachers are important or anything like that. Ya know, because Trump mispronounced a word so all your kid has to do is become a billionaire and he or she can become President too.

She gets her information on COVID from memes found in Facebook groups such as “Teachers Against Dying.”

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Yes, let’s evaluate the data before making a decision.




Turns out zero kids have died from COVID and healthy non-elderly people have a 99.98% recovery rate. The fact that people this stupid are allowed anywhere near our children is much scarier than COVID could ever be.

And did you hear the news? The virus spreads from person to person.

Kind of like the flu, except way, way, way less deadly. Society cannot go back to the way it was until no one ever gets sick ever again.

However, this woman who can’t go back to work because she’s going to die form COVID has no problem going out to the disease free casino.

It’s OK though because they have a thin piece of paper covering their mouth so they can’t catch or transmit the virus to all the old hags blowing their social security money by pressing a button repeatedly and hoping the right colors light up.

Don’t worry though, when school does return in a couple years from now she’ll be way smarter now that she learned that slavery existed 250 years ago.

Imagine being charged with educating children and finding out that some of the founding fathers owned slaves via a meme on Twitter? Our kids are in great hands indeed.

I’m not anti-teacher because I used to be one. I realize that the teachers I’ve been highlighting do not speak for all teachers. However, they are the loudest ones and the policies they’re pushing for are winning the day. The only way that changes is if other teachers speak up. You can’t be afraid to voice your opinion. I get it, because I was once in your shoes too. But these people have to be pushed back on. You’re protected by the First Amendment and your colleagues are disgracing your profession so now’s the time to exercise that right.


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