Boston Woman Tells Maskless Man In Brockton Hub That She Wants Him To Spread Covid To Vulnerable Family And Watch Them Die A Slow Death


Charlie Baker’s order for all citizens to wear masks in public begins tomorrow in Massachusetts. I for one am looking forward to the first time some Karen attempts to question me about why I’m not wearing one, and I tell her that I’m asthmatic and won’t be producing anything to validate this claim. Let’s see what people are saying about this topic in the most civilized place on earth – the Brockton Hub.

“I hope you catch the Rona, give it to someone vulnerable that you love, and have to watch them suffer and die a slow death.” – Woman who frequently virtue signals about the importance of saving lives via Facebook filter.

Elena Kelley is a South Boston social justice warrior who wanted the fakest, most fraudulent woman in the history of politics to become President.

She associates with the anti-semitic Women’s March.

And she in March she expressed her opinion that people who go to the beach in Florida should be charged with a felony.

Praising the governor of New York, whose wildly successful COVID crisis plan has led to over a third of all COVID deaths nationally, while slamming the governors of Texas and Florida who have had a small fraction of New York’s casualties, seems misguided. If Team Lockdown had a face, this would be it.

These people have never, ever cared about human life. It’s just something they can use to beat you because they hate everything about you, in a failed attempt to gain the moral high ground. In reality they want everyone who disagrees with them to either die or go to jail, and have felt this way long before the COVID crisis. All of her doomsday prophecies about beaches in March leading to massive COVID spread never came to fruition, yet people like her still feel like the way we’re doing things is the way the rest of the country should, despite Massachusetts being third in the country in casualties.

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Makes sense.

She also wants people who don’t wear pointless masks that do absolutely nothing, to be categorized as biological terrorists.

She’s done being “civil to petulant children.”

Translation – she’s smart, and everyone who disagrees with her is dumb, doesn’t like science, and wants old people to die. Not that people like this ever cared about “civility” to begin with. People like her are exactly the reason why I won’t wear a mask – because they’re nothing more than toys for virtue signaling white people to display in order to show their wokeness and belittle those who choose to think for themselves. I am really looking forward to driving these people nuts starting tomorrow.


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