Boston Woman Throws Wine Bottle At Police For Interrupting Her Downtown Day Drinking, Coughs On Them And Claims To Have COVID


Rebecca Tsakonas appears to be a functional adult on her Facebook page, and doesn’t look anywhere near 51 years old.

However, looks can be deceiving.

Boston.comA Boston woman was arrested Thursday night for allegedly wielding a wine bottle at police and striking an officer, and then allegedly coughing on police during the booking process, saying she had tested positive for coronavirus. Rebecca Tsakonas, 51, was arrested on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (wine bottle), and public drinking, according to police in a news release. She later picked up the charge of “threat of a dangerous substance” for the coughing incident.

Police reportedly encountered Tsakonas and a man sitting on the sidewalk in front of 280 Friend St. around 5:57 p.m., the release said. Police were driving by and as they did so, Tsakonas allegedly “began yelling obscenities at them.” Police stopped to ask why Tsakonas was cursing at them, and noticed that Tsakonas appeared to have an open bottle of alcohol, according to the police report. Police asked Tsakonas to empty the bottle, and that’s when she reportedly began cursing at them again. Police asked Tsakonas to empty the bottle again, and that’s when she allegedly threw the bottle at the cruiser, hitting one of the officers. Police then told her she could be arrested for assaulting the officer, according to the release.

“That’s fine,” she allegedly said, according to the release. “I have no problem with that.”

Police confiscated three bottles of Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc wine before bringing Tsakonas to the downtown station to be booked. The man Tsakonas was with was also arrested, and he was charged with public drinking. He was not identified in the release.  During her booking, the alleged “disrespectful and disparaging treatment continued,” police said in the release. Tsakonas allegedly said she was COVID-19 positive, and began coughing and blowing her breath at officers.

“Understandably, officers were greatly concerned for their health and well-being due to the suspect’s behavior and the highly contagious nature of the coronavirus, as well as the ongoing anxiety surrounding the pandemic,” the release said.

This is actually a nice part of Boston, right near the Legacy Club and the TD Garden. I go there once a week for the Gerry Callahan Podcast, and there’s hardly any ratchets around. But apparently Rebecca is one of those high end winos who passes as a functioning adult, but really is nothing more than a junkie with corkscrew instead of a needle. She could’ve gotten away with her mid-day bender in broad daylight, but she had to start swearing at the cops for absolutely not reason instead, which got their attention and inevitably led to her throwing a half empty bottle at their squad car. Because this is not the kind of woman you tell to empty her bottle of sauvignon blanc.

Something tells me based on her Facebook posts that this woman may have a problem with alcohol.

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Can’t be sure though.

It’s odd because she sprinkles them in with posts that seem to indicate that she is a functional adult who can afford to live in Boston, showing herself reading books, complaining about how oppressed she is, going to Whole Foods, and eating out at nice restaurants.

Wouldn’t strike me as the type to be piss drunk, picking fights with cops, throwing bottles at them, and then coughing on them while claiming to have the commie cold during daylight hours in a nice part of Boston on a Thursday.

Anyway, she may be a raging alcoholic but she does have standards guys.

No drug addicts. But if you’ve got a bottle of Sutter home and a viagra prescription, give her a call.


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