Boston Woman Who Claims She Killed Boyfriend In Self Defense Previously Went To Jail For Stabbing Someone And Was Featured In CNN Special


Last month Live Boston was the only media outlet to report about a domestic incident in Boston in which a woman stabbed a man to death after she claimed he attacked her.

On April 28 2022, at approximately 00:30 hours, Boston Police Operations received a 911 call from a woman who had been involved in a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. The female caller stated that the man had attacked her and she fought back, with a knife. Officers from District C-6 along with Boston EMS responded to the scene of what they assumed was a stabbing. While responding, the dispatcher updated that the woman had told them the male was stabbed in the chest and shoulder and was now laying unresponsive against the door. Boston Police officers when they arrived on scene confirms the man was critically injured and requested a push on EMS. When EMTs arrived the updated the man was in traumatic arrest.

Shortly after that, Paramedic updated that even with their attempts to save him that the man was non viable. He was then pronounced deceased on scene. Full notifications were made by the Patrol Sergeant, with investigators from Homicide Unit, Crime Scene Response Unit, Command Staff and others all responding to the scene. The female was seen taken into custody however it’s unclear if she will be charged in the incident. She was transported to a local area hospital for evaluation.

Because it was a domestic incident the police were not allowed to report the name of the woman who stabbed her lover, but we are not the Boston Police so we can. You’ll notice in that picture above she is crying, but she does not appear to be cut or bruised. Her name is Tarneisha Reynolds, and the man she killed was named Paul Nolan. They’d only been dating for a few months.


Paul Nolan has no criminal history and no incidents of domestic violence. Tarneisha Reynolds on the other hand is an ex-con who spent time in jail for assault and battery with a deadly weapon. As an inmate she was featured in a 2016 CNN special on recidivism, and she talked about her fears and what she would need when she was released in 8 months.

BRI emphasizes “mentoring, information sharing, treating addiction and employment opportunities,” according to a description on the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department website. The initiative is a partnership of local and state agencies that offers face-to-face outreach and continuous support to ensure a smooth transition back into the community. CGI is a 10-week instructional program that teaches inmates vocational skills during incarceration, and gives them an opportunity to earn important trade certifications. Female inmates participating in C.R.E.W. take an eight-week class that focuses on education, life skills, health care and job placement.

“If I did have to be in jail anywhere, I’m happy that it’s here,” said Tarneisha Reynolds, a current inmate and graduate of C.R.E.W.

The Department of Justice has made more than $400 million in Second Chance Act funds available to programs like BRI, and is working to raise awareness about the importance of re-entry programs. The Obama administration has also created the Reentry Services Division, which has increased mental health and substance abuse treatment programs for prisoners, and implemented services to improve work and educational opportunities inside prison.

CNN is infamous for getting scammed by con-artists who know that they seek out feel good stories that go along with whatever liberal narrative they’re pushing that week. Last summer we broke a major story about how CNN was duped by a woman named Dasha Kelly, who claimed that she lost her job due to the pandemic and was going to be evicted with her 3 daughters. The story was used to help push the Biden administration to lengthen the eviction moratorium, and by sharing Kelly’s GoFundMe she was able to raise over $200K. But as we reported, the 3 daughters in her interview were not her children and she was fired from her job as a casino dealer. CNN was forced to remove the story entirely from their website.

Just like Dasha Kelly, Tarneisha is a bit of a ratchet. She’s currently being taken to small claims by a debt collecting company and has an upcoming court date on June 2.

And this post-jail selfie of her with her father’s corpse is interesting.

This raises the question, how did CNN find Tarneisha Reynolds? There are incarcerated women all around the country they could’ve interviewed, but they chose her.

Just like Dasha Kelly, Tarneisha Reynolds laid it on heavy, used her kids for sympathy, and pushed liberal talking points. In this case the narrative was that prisoners are inherently good people who got caught up in the system and end up reoffending because our society is cruel and doesn’t give them the resources to succeed on their own. The solution is to give them more money.

Tarneisha Reynolds said she wanted to better herself and couldn’t do that without a care package that included money, hygiene products, and housing.

She said she wanted to be labeled as loving and compassionate, even though she was in jail for 2 counts of armed assault and batter with a dangerous weapon. She wants the viewer to look past that and focus on her days as a girl scout troop leader.

She claims that the public is seeing “such a small part of me in time that was a mistake.” As if violently assaulting another person with a deadly weapon is just kind of something that happens to normal people who aren’t inclined to violence.

She claims that “we all make mistakes at some point in time,” and that “there’s more to me than just a violent offender.” Except to the person she assaulted with a deadly weapon it’s probably the only thing about her that matters.

She claims that “I’m first a mother and I’ll always be a mother and I’ll always love my kids.” Except she wasn’t around to take care of her kids because she chose to do something that ended up with her in jail. If you’re a “mother first” then you’d think about how your actions will affect your children.

She claims that she will never put herself in situation again. But here she is stabbing a guy to death. Conveniently Paul Nolan is not around to deny her claims of self defense and thus is being labeled as a domestic abuser.

Paul Nolan’s Facebook page is filled with friends and family memorializing what a great guy he was and calling for justice. Many seem to think she murdered him.


I don’t know if Paul Nolan was murdered, but I do know that there is no indication whatsoever that he had any violent tendencies. I know that Tarneisha Reynolds previously went to jail for stabbing someone and that she just stabbed a man to death. I know that she didn’t appear to have any defensive wounds on the night of the homicide. I know that anyone who murdered another person could tell police they did so in self defense and it would be more believable coming from a woman. I know that Tarneisha Reynolds knows how to say the right things and come across as sympathetic, even while being incarcerated for stabbing someone.

I also know the Boston Police aren’t stupid and won’t just take the word of an ex-con who killed her boyfriend, and that if I’m thinking these things then they probably are too.


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